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A neighbor's dog comes every day in our garden but the neighbors are on vacation and I do not know who will take care of the dog, but what should I do with the dog then?

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Look for me, whether it is someone at home.

Then the animal put at least water available. Since you do not know whether the dog is allergic to any of these feed, please do not buy just anything.

Please, if no one makes on, call the veterinary office. They should bring the dog to the shelter, which is not a state. How irresponsible can one please be.

nachbars dog comes every day in our garden but the neighbors are on vacation

if the neighbors have gone on vacation and the dog have simply left unattended, this is a case of animal welfare and you should notify the Veterinary tomorrow! The responsibility for such cases, and poor livestock! You can also take the dog but and bring to the shelter. Until then, you should give the dog water and food.

If you want to help Feed him and ask you if you want someone to take care of him. Then you need not do this if you do not like it, take the gun: D

Geb to feed him what and water. And tomorrow at the latest to call the shelter

Knock it out in the home if no one is there if there is no one you can only wait until the neighbors are back or call the shelter

Please Tend the dog at least with water and a little food. And when it is really so, as you write, give him a few pats, please

Bell vllt at the neighbors. is still a home watching ...

unless INPUT FEED with water and food leftovers or buy dog ​​food

but if you as no bock it from you to the shelter ...

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