Dog in the garden on canvas binding, right?

Hello, I have a problem I have actually not so much to do with it, but my father and my sister tie the dog outside in the garden for ne certain time may be that it is too long, then howls full often, it is a Kangal 3 months old but what's the point when we the leash out? Does he have something to learn, somehow so that it out alone get along or something, because now I have the problem that my neighbors have no idea of ​​dogs, all the time tell us what, I do not know myself why is leashed dtaussen tells me this please . Thank you very much

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There are, in my view, no reasonable explanation why an insulation from the pack (family) would be acceptable. Alone in the garden with baby stick 3Monaten maximum penalty of dogs view .... Please change is this! The equated with torture! A Kangal is at schiefgelaufender socialization prepare violent problems .. And this is not funny at a final weight of 70kg ...

I have no idea why your father does. It does not help - on the contrary. En 3 months old puppy, who recently separated from his family, should always be allowed in man / can. One should always have a dog (not adult) alone tie up somewhere. He wants to be with his pack and that's just a man.

With this kind they will not form a bond to the dog, but this is very important - especially when Kangal. Kangal is very independent and that is also the problem of Kangal and the problem for the holder.

Alone come out clearly - oh that one must not practice the Kangal. The can eventually all by itself, as this breed is very independent.

but tethering did not work and is also prohibited. And to treat a puppy so, is cruelty to animals.

Your family can be happy that I'm not your neighbor. I have already informed the Animal Welfare / Vetamt and would not rest as long, until the dog is discharged in good hands.

This is tormenting and thus prohibited and punishable. locking out and attach a puppy is the allerletze! That the dog howls, shows that he feels lonely and desperate. Who does not want to live with his dog who turns off him in the garden, which is to better take him straight to the shelter rather unreasonable to expect the dog something! Dogs are pack animals and no Gartenanbindetiere. Had the would my Nachbarnn already animal welfare and ne display cruelty to animals by the neck.

Please do something for the dog and turn to animal welfare. 'Animal cruelty must not tolerate it. The dog is never out clearly come this way alone. It is cruel and tormenting and I grad nen right neck ...

Why in the world is your family has decided for a dog? No matter at what age should not be just outside leash a dog. When a puppy for 2-3 weeks is perhaps from his mother away, this is pure torture. He needs attention, security, affection and loving "discipline", by which I mean a regulated, reliable daily routine.

because I now have the problem that my neighbors have no idea of ​​dogs, all the time tell us what

who of dogs certainly thinks more idea than you and will certainly say that they will show you. What with you, or with your father is going on, is namely animal cruelty!

Kangal are guard dogs need a lot of space and freewheel! Nor should this breed min. For two and hold not alone!

For such people I always ask myself, why have a dog when they do not want him to have, but out festbinden.Ich call he made it Tierquälerei.Woanders besser.Leute determines who is three months old, how heartless can be you? I do not verstehs

This has absolutely no sense, and the dog is in decent hands and not those ignorant as your father.

Just a kangal is not without, I sehs already come and he will be deported once he begins to be liked nothing more.

I think you have less idea than your neighbor ... where in the world you have one guard dog it?

This is even illegal. This used to be chained dog and that is not allowed. Google the times but

a 3 month old dog is a dog baby, necessarily belongs to its people, and not to be weggeperrt outside.

her fugitive from tieraschutzgesetze! please inform the animal welfare -I think your neighbors have more idea of ​​dogs as your father!

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