Dog in the morning 3 stood alone and lunch 2 hours ... Is that possible?

Hey ... I have a question and although I really want to have a dog because I'm a total animal lover .... I want puppies no! .... So I'm bewust that the animal is very long but I would like to know again what dog breeds for over main stayed longer alone .... Please only small dogs;) ... and how long you let alone your dog and if that is not too long. ._.

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No breed of dog can stay longer, all dogs are pack animals. As long as there are but not 5hrs after another, it is doable. Eighth but really it, the dog can be left alone to you choose. Lasse him but a certain time not alone, because he needs time to get used to you and to the new environment, and if you're not there, the dog feels no longer becomes more difficult as in a pack and get settled.

Would be feasible, our Goldie remains the morning four hours alone in the afternoon and again 2-3 hours (but only 2 times a week).

But I think that then a "left" race already takes ... Not that you the dog breaks the whole cottage when you're gone.

Hi we have 2 half-breeds of animal welfare, both taken over fully grown. Have the first six months are not left alone in both, but first developed trust and then started slowly, the first one to move in the apartment, House without a dog and then increased to completely go out. We let them actually rarely times longer alone as actually getting a is at home, but we need time to shop, check out before us etc, besides, we can make our problems without also times longer than 4 hours alone. Have curiosity, once Big Brother played and placed a webcam into the living room to see what happens, well, was quite boring, both have slept soundly.

Since you also interrupting their waiting period and after 3 hours first back are because I see really no problems. Only you have to stop at the beginning of the first month first work with the dog before you leave him alone, because you can not, unfortunately, go right on the first day and let him so long alone.

This works out. If the dog goes along with this, and her slow zoom is working on the final time.

Our mouse was morning 3-4 hours alone in the afternoon also. In between, before and after was dog time. For the mouse, it was of course nice when moved in Recruitment office and someone was there. But in that time she has slept largely.

A dog can adapt the rhythm quite outstanding to the people. However, then the existing human time must be given priority really the dog, otherwise it does not work.

My German shepherd has lived for many years so and was busy and happy. There were rest periods and there were times Action. Dogs are not necessarily Flummis on drug need a program around the clock. The opposite is the case. Just untwisted dogs must often force them to rest, so that they are in the working and fun stages in the matter.

So, I have a Parson Jack Russell, 8 KG so small.

Having trained cautiously he remains three hours alone. No problem. But that was really training. If you were good Gassi previously (which is a prerequisite), the go.

Remember, dogs are pack animals and generally not like to be alone. Maybe you find a neighbor, in which he can be?

a dog I would not let on for hours alone. If you are employed and most of the day not at home, it is not advisable to keep a dog. Speak from experience, had a neighbor's dog, who was also a lot of hours a day alone and has the house together quantitative barking and crying.

My dogs are in rare cases (comes vlt times every 2 months ago) 6 hours alone. but works quite well is very borderline.

Otherwise, they are max. 4 hours alone.

when someone is at home to be only the dogs so busy 1-2Std in the forest or on the meadow.

you have between morning and lunch break? How long?

How old is your dog?

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