dog incite to eat?

My dog ​​is 4 years old. I have it are two months and he does not eat dry food. The vet says his teeth are in order. If I mix wet and dry food he licks down the wet feed and spits out dry food. If I eat him today only dry food offering it a maximum of 5 chunk about two to three days, drinking hardly not want to get out and sleeping all day

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I would also not TroFu touch a dog. It is also the worst diet that you can expect the animal.

Why do not you, that you offer him quality wet food:

  • min 60% meat
  • no grain
  • little to no carbohydrates
  • no sugar

Good brands were as Platinum and White Fang.

Otherwise, you can inform yourself via the Barfen. This is the feeding of at least 70% raw meat offal + + + bone fat and 30% fruit and vegetables.

you'll find more information at:


That would be the artgerechteste and healthiest diet for any carnivore.

The dislike you or does not feel well with you. Attempt yet to offer him other things or speaking times with your veterinarian.

now I can not find that dry food is a priori bad, but if your dog does not like it, then just feed but the fodder continue what he is accustomed.

So if you really want your dog eats dry food, you may not him else to offer - sooner or later he eats. However, if that is the right way? Your dog knows itself exactly that wet food is much better for him .... dried fodder shall be taken only when it is forced to.

Imagine you set one days only hard bread before .... which would you eat, how it must be just as much, right?

Hm it belass but the wet food, why must eat the poor suddenly dry food ??? When he eats Trofu probably get stomach problems, which manifest themselves in stomach pain, then people never want to play or eat .....

Dry food is perhaps convenient, but not dogs meet. I would also not want to eat stuff. Geb him wet food that would be the dog and you have no problems.

Dry food is the worst thing you can do to dogs and cats. Moreover, there is this stuff on over 50% of cereals and who knows what.

Give him what real to eat. The meat content should be at least 60%.

Your dog is smarter than you. Dogs are carnivores and eat correctly WET FEED. The kibble was invented only for the lazy and comfortable dog owners who do not want to make themselves work or dirty fingers.

A dog gets Trofu must drink enormous, so that the food can be digested, as it requires the digestion process a lot of water. If the dog does not drink enough, it is flabby, tired and soon dies of kidney failure. What are you doing is already cruelty.

Vllt dry food does not taste it. Mfg jonas

Give him time dried fodder with a different flavor, or even of a different brand. You could certainly not for 4 years eat the same food.

I feed Platinum, which is a very high quality soft or semi-dry "kibble". Given gets my Opi, raw chicken meat with bones and all. And no, raw bones do not splinter.

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