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Hey My dog ​​is four years old, which is a yorkshire terrier & she afraid of other dogs. If a dog is because it sniffs briefly and then hides behind me. Every day I go 4 times with her and each time she responded that way. We have been 3 days the dog my friend because she is in the hospital, but my dog ​​has total fear though the other a puppy is & a Pomeranian therefore equal (even less), I tried to ignore it or deflect it nothing works. If I ignore, then she is alone with the dog & goes away quickly. What should I do? I willl that they necessarily understand ..

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This is of course difficult.

Test them to get used to each other by looking at the same time giving them treats (on beseten the liblings he comes from your Yorki definitely and the other you can even take on your lap or so. And repeat, repeat, ...

If you did not have your dog from the beginning I am assuming that he is afraid because he has had bad experiences with dogs.

Lg. Lena

you have your dog from puppy on to?

or he was still owners it voher others?

much light has si mal made bad experiences with dogs ... or the character her she has so much angst

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