Dog is afraid, like relaxing?

Hi, for me it is very windy and loud before my dog ​​is scared and now lies beside me on the sofa Dithers. Sometimes he lies down again but if it gets louder goes his head again and he's scared. I have tried it already with Bob Marley and relaxing music, but does not really help. Do you have tips for calming? LG

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You should always treat him just like and do not observe his fear. Even the most well-intentioned attention will reinforce the feeling with him yet because he truly means that something is wrong. Be calm and relaxed as possible itself, then transmits on the dog, even if you do not notice immediately and he is still at tremble. But honestly ... I myself would just relaxing lay on the couch, watch television or read and watch that the dog snuggled against my belly, best under a blanket and I safety and security for conveys him thus.

My bitch like storm also nicht.sie shows signs significant stress and hides under the table.

Outside, however, it is their relatively unimportant.

How does your dog behave outdoors? If it shows also fear? What are you doing when your dog shows fear?

Please do not verniedliche your dog!

Why should the dog be afraid? ... Because there is storm?

Are you going not with your dog out because it has a fantastic outside ???

Can it perhaps be that you're afraid associated with the storm because of the noises associated?

Your fear then leads namely quickly uncertainty in the dog ...

Keep it simple but at your normal, everyday routine ...

go with him to drasssen, my bitch aht funk before thunderstorm, but outside she cares much less.

Catching him with stuff he likes ..... deflect, not regret

Just do not regret! I connected to the other. Do everything as usual!

Bob Marley: D would be great if it had worked: D

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