Dog is afraid - what I can and can not do?

Have you DO's and don'ts in dogs who are afraid? How should I react and how I take away the fear? Thanks and LG

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If a dog in a terrifying situation, so should this fear perceive and see that it is working, because fear moves in circles.

Ignore I would be afraid never because in nature there is social support that because animals are supported by "friendly" animals and YOU are now once the trustee of your dog and therefore you should try to help the dog through the fear, ignore a good social partners no fear.

Take the fear you can not immediately but in small steps and what you avoid just in frightening situations should have stern words or even punishments worsen things even.

Since enough negative emotions and influences strafliche sprint transform these negative emotions certainly not in positive emotions, therefore everything is permitted and even desired, conveys what "good mood".

There is no panacea, and we must look from dog to dog if there are real fears or "only" uncertainty over certain things. But one should consider the uncertainties may increase in anxiety.

Absolute no go's are things that scare the dog or it does cause pain, such as canvas or similar Rucks Brachial methodologies.

The dog shows no fear to get attention or to annoy his master or mistress but creates anxiety in the brain of the dog.

At situations that should frighten the dog always ranführen him laaaangsam and helps best marker training, this can be run with the clicker or a verbal marker word, this well designed and can be markers for any contact angstauflösendem object.

This means that positive emotions are there already with a good structure of the marker signal mediated and terms of the learning behavior of dogs, the marker signal is set at the right time namely when the dog's anxiety trigger looks a very helpful tool for the dog moved slowly toward the trigger.

No compulsion and no Flooding (overstimulation) you should use to help a dog, because this is no help but stresses and often is then told the dog would have then after some time quiet but that's supposed calming because the dog's body is so much hormonally happened the infected dog in the exhaustion phase, that he is so exhausted that he can not even really react!

Displays a dog with many things fear and there is Meide- escape behavior and you know yourself does not help then you should definitely seek the help of a professional or an expert, someone who nonviolently without working body language and / or verbal or even physical sanctions because someone who works technically correct need something not in training with dogs. ;-)

PS: By the way, one should also mention that you fear definitely can not amplify do by reward, gift or things the dog fun !!!


you should avoid to bring him in such situations. Let them not be avoided, you need to preserve and offer the dog the opportunity to experience the frightening situation without coercion or "persuasion" etc. rest.

His fears as such you should ignore - not regret or comfort him. Has he the situation "mastered", he should of course be praised - also treats can then act empowering.

This is of course now all very "global" written - but unfortunately your question - and the portrayal of the situations in which it reacts fearfully - also not very precise. Otherwise you could offer very specific assistance to you safely.

Good succeed


Packages can be as scjhlecht say what. Basically, an assertion is incorrect in his fear.

But if you do not explain where when why does with whom dog fear can only advise you to an experienced dog trainer / Verhaltebnstherapeut seek the dog Vopr place judges and gives you tips.

The origin of the dog also important wöäre

The dog definitely not harass! If you want to take the fear a dog, you have to let him the time to get used to. Or go with him to the dog trainer.

You are a wheelchair user, your dog has a hot spot at the crown jewels and is your opinion scared ?!

... Well, that's even a fully interesting question! ^^

... The fear you take someone - including a dog - by cheerfully progresses and pretending would nix ... ^^

Not the dog staring, in a fearful situation. And of course, protect the dog and not to scary situations - overwhelm!

Nevertheless, the dog regulary! * Offer many different situations *! Zoo, beach, restaurants, the forest at dusk, horse pastures, big city hustle and naturally amplified and allowed such situations that frighten your dog ... ^^

...Good succeed!

Are you talking now of a dog has of everything and everyone afraid?

Is it a puppy or young dog?

When it comes to a (former) street dog?

If an adult dog will be introduced in an intact family?

There are so many fears ...

It is very important always that the close connection with trustee is never disappointed ...

Afraid to go to the vet into the treatment room, I would, for example, "train" and a couple of times to go to visit there ... 2, 3 minutes, sitting in the waiting area, may make out the balance ... - and then go again ...

To give you more targeted further assistance, I would have to know what's going on with the dog is ...

How should I react and how I take away the fear?

without knowing when, from what and in what situations the dog is afraid, can this bad thing to say!

Never in his anxiety encourage (eg "all good" "poor ---" .....)

But not force you to do anything from what he / she is afraid, it'll go slowly, vlt with treats or so, he loses vlt / she his angst.

Of what is your dog because fear and why?

I had a dog from the killing station, who was so traumatized that she has retained some of their fears until death, then I avoided situations that have made her afraid. That was the best solution for them.

The little girl, who now lives with me, is also anxious. If she gets scared, she seeks refuge with me and she gets well. I do not find that I thus reinforcing their fear, I'll get so out of fear and give her security as I'm there for them.

you mean your dog -with the hotspot?

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