Dog is aggressive - what to do?

The dog of my aunt is now almost 14 months old (as yet not castrated) and actually a nice guy. She has him out of killing abroad. The usual commands like "sit", "space", "permanent" and so the male dominated properly. He also showed more submissive behavior, lay down on the ground, etc. without that one had touched him so when you scolded him. When he reached puberty, once everything changed. He is still a fearful dog and have been going through a lot, but he now has a chew bone or the like has, you could take away earlier without problems (which was practiced, so there are never problems there) then he growls, provides gives you goose bumps a comb and in self-defense, my aunt would rather not go ripen there. She knows that she is not allowed to leave through go to him, but how can it correct him right? Grasping the scruff of the neck or handle mustache is not possible because it is unpredictable when approaching such a situation. Otherwise, it is a dream, but in such situations rather a nightmare. :-( I myself have two dogs, but the problem I had never been and knows itself no good advice. (Similar except perhaps dog obedience school, but near here rather bad ...) vet thought of hormone excess and advises castration, what they really want to do. do you have good tips on how to back can return "to the floor of the facts" the dog. and please no tips to beat the dog ... any more than the "Gutti scam that works only when you insert a Gutti. Am grateful to you, to serious, useful advice. Already times thank you!

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oh poor you were here just a simple ask questions and some will lay it still merrily. ouch.

Of course it would be a very good idea to send your aunt in a good dog school. but since it is not mobile, I advise you, as you're dog out himself, to pass on their in regular pet strolls some tips.

I took my dog ​​as a puppy his toys or his chewing bones easily without exchange of the snout and he did not growl at me today when I do it. growl that has nothing to do with a lack tauschobiekt. in the exercise phase he has got his thing finally back, so you have it before nothing to offer to exchange ...

the dog of your aunt is quite simply still in puberty take. the intercepts namely not today and is finished in three months, but may be intermittently drag on for the first two years.

because the dog was taken from poor ratios and apparently is an insecure guy, he is even more dependent on a secure people against. first I would let the dog with his bone in silence that trouble is currently negligible, since it, for the moment from the table is the simple medium to leave him in peace.

that does not mean that they should work at a later date it. first but I would advise her to really work hard to bond. including varied games, perhaps you can guide them something? Another important aspect is that they penetrated regulate clear also in the apartment. many dog ​​halter take home no more guidance, let the dog everything should go through possible and decide for himself and out of the dog lassen..hmm then run at a time.

an additional important detail they should introduce specifically the no, let it now. the dog learns, something he wants, only then to take when the aunt wants. to check a lot of exercises on the internet. Of course it does not begin with it right on the bone. hi hi.

but you can take a leckerli in the fist, to let smell dog in it and if he wants to have it, she says no, he looks at it warte..wenn puzzled and very short waits, then it makes the fist on the joyful shout : fine! and he must take. the waiting sequences it expands then from increasingly. with the time she puts the leckerli on the open palm and lets him wait. so after a few weeks of intensive work and practice tying this wait signal, they can address it once with the chewing bone again.

What was practiced? It was practiced the dog bones WITHOUT taking away anything in return and thus resources defense was practiced, you have your dog well taught with this action, that the things you love to defend, because you'll run out completely empty. SO would act every living being, because behavior tracked ALWAYS make sense !!!

One rebukes a dog but to educate him !!! Reproving has nothing to do with education but with ignorance in dog training !!!

The TA thought of hormone excess and advises Kastra ???? Toller TA, the you should probably also go directly, because BEFORE A GOOD TA recommends a Kastra testing this only once if the behavior is actually controlled hormonally, that you would do as a chip !!! On this point, I can only shake his head and tell you definitely that resources defense is not a hormone-related problem, but has been automatically brought from you.

This Gutti scam as you call should, sometimes eyeing closer before you judge about it, because neither you seem on the ala MR Jogger / spray bottle deeper knowledge have to let yet about the "Gutti scam" by the way in PROPER application definitely works on without any treats, but only insofar as the holder precisely with knowledge of the theory of learning of dogs here seem at this point a strong pent-up need to exist !!!

"On the ground of facts" should be so here prefer you and your aunt pick as the dog, because the situation is just the way he got it taught of you !!!

"Did I do something to nibble great wirds taken away me and I go away empty-handed" One of my dogs was in the beginning when I got him (he has enough through and comes equally from the killing) shown strong resource behavior.

Today for any Fressbare there a signal so I can examine it only once! A "Let it" and all my dogs spit what they have in their mouths from, I can examine it and, in my assessment, it may possibly be eaten on.

I've certainly not achieved all that I have my dogs just took so away, but we have a marker word and have often trained.

First of all build the marker word, then grabs you look NATURAL just for resource behavior treats in the pocket and makes it right with the Gutti scam !!!

So build marker word dog gets NEN bones he can not swallow immediately but NEN huge things for which he is definitely a lot of time needs to eat around it.

Then throws you what (in this case mostly all high quality which can be swallowed immediately) higher quality than the bone and tell immediately after the dog can lie the bones to poke through his thrown-treat the previously selected and constructed marker word !!!

Within quite a short time the dog will change its behavior so far shown, it probably ran after entering / steps closer wag and expectantly look / owner to owner.

But that is not the goal, goal is that the dog learns to output a signal be Fresschen.

Ergo is further trained. Again our training tools are the marker word and now a ausgeähltes abort signal as a Let it.

The dog eats his bones, they say "Let it" and resulted in flies without further ado Delicious and then gives back the marker word and again immediately if the dog can lie the bones.

The whole time so some training and you will be amazed building blocks as the dog turns to positive. But that the dog is still on the floor of the facts and you have followed him there and have realized that there is no moral nutrition to dominate a dog and my one had him take away what he has just to eat up everything, because initiates exactly the opposite behavior as you yes durftet find good!

This training path called ironically "Gutti scam" but now the highlight comes at the whole training !!! Someone who is not familiar with the theory of learning would now say this scam funktoniert only when you plug in a Gutti ... WRONG because we use our brains and use certain signals precisely in order to signal the dog "DAS now you have done sooo toll" the closer is the communication and also there is hardly the language can "doglike" learn you should just use something that works, this Gutti scam so you've got a sense so far is just familiar with this sense.

First of all, I would like to tell you that the poor guy's been through a lot of evil in its embossing phase. Now he has become a little more self-conscious and tried to fight back, which I can understand. Under no circumstances should you so beat a dog or even not really tell him off. We have always had German Shepherds, all 5 were and are very different. I had a dog here who could and was allowed to take anything, then she bit down. I also do not even try to make but have let them grant. Why take away the dog something I actually know what I gave him before ?? I see no reason. On the one hand you describe the dog as very sweet and gorgeous, but then he let this peculiarity. Each of us (people) also has its unpleasant side, you should also accept, so even with Tiren. A possibly fixed access in the neck etc. could him again remember his bad past, I would leave. Whether the Kastrastion what brings you can say only one veterinarian, I had under my previous 5 sheepdogs times a 70kg dog, which was very snappy, here was no stranger ran. But I did not let him castrate. I had even made him the tests Schutzhund etc., but the acrimony remained. So have patience with it, because in reality he is a very dear. He needs a lot of love, patience and affection.

Please rate it with the times to go to a dog school dog that works nonviolently.

It is both about to train your dog and teach much more about your aunt, how they must behave sicih.

You should build the bond to the dog, which often works with Dummytraining and "common hunting". But it will bring you very little if we now propose here all kinds of methods, because every dog ​​is different and we do not know the dog. One would have to see him live. Accordingly help wirklcih only a good coach.

My dog ​​was initially fond and was have aggressively until we castrated him.

As long as she is afraid he will be the stronger stay ... Quiet but occur decided maybe sprinkle with the water bottle and give clear commands. At puberty, that is still a "showdown with open end" - if he has learned to assert itself, it is much more difficult!

For smaller dogs could stable (leather or motorcycle) Gloves strengthen the "Confidence" your aunt ... Of course, only the beginning ...

The Rütter from which it holds a lot, is also FOR the sprayer with water, then she read books by Cesar Millan, who proposed gaanz andre Dicnge again. In Dog Training Schools, it is then often just.

CM is a Tierquäler !!! Martin Rütter is a comedian ...

I thought you need advice how to raise a dog ...

you could take away earlier without problems (which was practiced, so there are never problems there) then he growls, represents the coat on his back to a comb and in self-defense, my aunt would rather not go ripen there. She knows that she is not allowed to leave through go to him, but how can it correct him right? Grasping the scruff of the neck or handle mustache is not possible because it is unpredictable when approaching such a situation

Who can take what was offered previously happy ???

Who says that the dog must be able to take away what without defending it?

You had the will to practice by offering her the dog something great in exchange ...

The handle to the neck fur can cause just the fear of death in puppies; snout handle applied mutatis freed brings nothing ...

Rappeldose á la Rütter and spray bottle ... - laughs at every dog ​​later than the 2nd or 3rd attempt ...

Hormone excess and advises castration, what they really want to do.

This flushes the veterinarian easy money in the bag and the dog's costs eggs ... General anesthesia is not without ...

If in your environment is allegedly no dog school (but lack of faith) - then simply times talk to other dog owners, as they did with the upbringing of their dogs - mostly other people also know Pet Training ...

Often Shelters Hundeschul- and education courses offer ...

And the vet you can also ask again

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