Dog is calm and lazy. How is the little playful?

I know this will take but I have my dog ​​are 1 week and it is neither playful nor active. She is 2 years old is this year 3. She loves to cuddle it and lie. I've tried several times to throw ball but no reaction. I think it is still too shy .. Or what do you please help me! Dog school, I can not afford this month because my start cost for because investigation dog + vet has cost about 400-600 €. You would then have to wait until next month what really is stupid. Please help me!

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Do not let your dog once arriving at rest, acclimatization takes time. When they otherwise behaving normally, eats, drinks etc. I would rule out a health cause and it does not have any dog ​​to run like balls afterwards, age regardless :) Mach games with her to the head work, or teach her tricks.

Were quite good if you could tell us the race. There are breeds that are just not as playful. My Jack Russell is 10 years, is still very agile and playful.

maybe your dog needs to recover only times from stress. let him arrive times, show him the new environment, explaining him the rules of the game at home with you. deal him at the moment not constantly, but do not begrudge him the rest, he signaled yes, he needs just. the dog school can wait, but is certainly very good for you, if you reasonably have built a relationship. if the dog is still not thaws for a month and especially lying around, I would imagine the vet him. a nearly three-year dog was supposed to be full of energy.

Let them only arrive times. You can go to dog school, t he is totally up to you, when, how often and how much you pay only want next month without any problems.

My also did not respond to a toy, because she did not know it. Some dogs will mind never understand it, because they live seriously, that has to do with the previous circumstances. My hunting very seriously, because it has used previously to survive. Also it shows every puppy the bird, if he wants to play with her. Is not her thing. Lovely Angel games can I forget with it, but they will not consume energy, could indeed come what more important.

How much time do you spend with him because regarding utilization (walk the dog for now)? And how long he sleeps about a day. Some dogs are so weak, because they have possibly years get the wrong food (usually very high cereal content which should be nciht). I have very often noticed that these dogs are then blossomed after a change of feed at a time.

No dog is from the beginning gaga on toys. Also, the need to learn a dog.

Your dog is from a killing station. There the dogs sitting in a confined space crammed, they had until then no life as we imagine. You know that just will not!

My late bitch came with 15 months us Farm wild throw. She showed puppy behavior, has never been in the house and play them had to learn as much as obedience.

If your dog is only a week with you, he needs a lot of time! He must arrive, it must be allowed to feel comfortable as it is. You should let him closely so be as he is. He has finally found a quiet place, can rest, after all the misery, what he has experienced. No more fighting, no shortage of space. Tranquility, a private basket, someone who cares about him. He will be more relaxed, curious, want to explore their environment. The rhythm will set the animal. You are well advised to watch closely. Animate is ok, but with such dogs degenerates it very quickly in excessive demands made. This goes dannn not good.

Obedience school really has time until April, or even May Let the dog settle down for now.

Go me with our Berner Sennen same way. He is totally cuddly and has little desire to move. However, he is totally out things to look and learn kunstücke. So if not athletic, then at least fit in mind: D

May be that it's just your type.

Very unusual. Maybe she is sick? What of previous owners says about the behavior? Dog's age? How do you know that it is only 2-3 years old? Race? How often and how long you are going for a walk?


Only inform about the attitude of a dog and only then buy a. If now whine that you have no more money for him ...

And, you lastest your dog mentally and physically when gassi go out?

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