Dog is injured. How can I help? What can I do?

Hello In my village for many years a dog running around. He must free rumspazieren in the village and the owner cares not a bit. Now the dog is injured. So better he said limping. But that is not just a little but very extreme. He can hardly walk and you can see that he is in pain. It is the left hind leg. And the hip. His owner does not interfere and does not go to the vet because he thinks that the waste of money is. He even wanted to shoot the dog !! Now my question: what or how I can help the dog? Can I somewhere report for animal cruelty? May I bring to the vet for the dog simply? You have a solution?

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Simply bring to the vet is not a good idea, turn away most of the official veterinarian of your circle / your town that Telfonnummer can be found on the website of the district administration under Veterinary Office / Food Hygiene. Even if that is not directly responsible in your state, it will be you can call the right place. The Amtsvet also has the power and the possibility to force the owner to allow his dog treat and to make further editions. Otherwise, you should also be able to help the competent regulatory agency.

The local animal shelter or directly reported to the Veterinary Office. Then the dog comes first in medical treatment and 2 from the care of the owner.

Who wants to shoot his animal, for whatever reason, she has probably not all.

From failing to assist to mention.

You can bring him to the vet, would then be free to your. Do you have a shelter nearby? Then I would just bring the dog to the shelter. If the owner should interressieren for him he picks him up again. And there they will also look after the medical dog.

I just'd times the next shelter call

tell the clerk's office to take care of it in most cases they bring the dog to a shelter, and there he is doctored

I would inform the SPCA, which then take care of it. Personally, I would bring the dog to the vet, but if this is legally permitted, I do not know

I would not just take the dog, I would rather seek a doctor or somehow go so times to your neighbors

Can I somewhere report for animal cruelty?

Yes, there are in Germany everywhere a competent veterinary. anyone can help you vet or you pass on to these. you can also first to police and report display, then the competent veterinary should turn.

You turn and / or the nearest shelter the police. The are to accept the. If the dog is at risk and there are violated animal welfare, it can be saved by good luck.

Call times to competent veterinary yours.

Hello Lucky, call the Animal Welfare.

Personally, I would go to the police if the Besitzter already threatened to shoot the poor dog.

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