dog is just not housebroken no matter what I do

Hello my little treasure is 6 months old (ratanero from Spain) for 2 months he is with us and will simply not stubenreon. Otherwise he is very loving and sweet makes no problems. But he does with preference in the apartment. No matter where on tiles, laminate or sofa. Whether or pipi kac .. We go every two hours for a walk after dem.spielen, eat and is very often drausen. Drausen he does. But prefers indoors. He does not bemerksam.kein bark, whine or walk to the door. Nothing. He will if he drausen.macht praised and receive treats. But the uses nix

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do not despair - also it will learn with lots of time, effort and patience.

During his embossing phase no one who taught him that was - he could pick up where he wanted, where he stood and was everywhere. Now he is with you for 2 months. After this time, so does a dog during the important socialization phase probably little human contact had (at least not him loving to kümmernde family), probably built not even close a real relationship with you. Even if it already exists so you - in a few months you'll know that it was not the case, because then the dog will behave quite differently.

ANY dog can learn to be housebroken - everything (even if it is annoying sometimes and frustig is) only a matter of time and effort that you are located. But as a guy that has experienced in its first few months certainly nothing good and its ability to learn was probably hardly required and thus not promoted, can halt slow and everything takes longer and is more onerous.

No idea how you do as hold with treats as a reward - but this should never be given without "consideration" during the education period. ALWAYS the dog must do something for it - in your case, make out.

I keep my fingers crossed that he will soon learn the successful experiences, what is desired by him.


We go every two hours for a walk after dem.spielen, eat and is very often drausen.

go once to the vet, maybe is an organic Probem ago.

Otherwise, go out and not gassi GO but stay in one place until he has made. Walking directs many dogs too much from one new, smells and sensations. Did not he come off after a certain time, it will remain on leash in the apartment. You can also deal with playing him there. So he has no way to make in the apartment! After 15-20 minutes you go then back out with him .... Has he made, he praised effusively, he has not done anything, proceed as already described.

Otherwise, look sometimes here:

Return to Spain

important is that all questions be thoroughly cleaned so that no odor is there.

I would let the dog indoors only a week no seconds from the eye. He has to make out any chance.

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