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I have an older dog (lapdog) She's 13 years old .. She was never really as currently (1-2 months) puts them always under my table "why"? Since hath no körpcheb nothing .. As soon as I sit irged where she comes and sits on my lap and mostly they shall normally indicate my lap .. Why is this so? I'll bring them out normally eats normal was even the vet everything was okay but why so this makes them only with me

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My dog ​​is too. She is 12 and follows me everywhere. This has to do with age. FAST every dog ​​is so affectionate when he is old. But unfortunately I do not know exactly why. But you're not the only one, so you need not worry about them. Dogs know it so, when they get older, maybe they want the last few days, weeks, months or years still remain with the master / mistress. It's just a guess! Hopefully I could help;)

As soon as I sit irged where she comes and sits on my lap and mostly they shall normally indicate my lap .. Why is this so?

if dogs are old, they are increasingly close to the people. So is normal and nothing to worry about!

You are their caregiver so she trusts you blindly that's good you! yet Soak up the beautiful time with her as long as she is still in good shape and have fun;) lg

Hi! because you're the leader rudel !! that is normal! no fear of fits

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