Dog is not chocolate, why?

Hello, I wanted to ask why chocolate actually so toxic for dogs and they can die from it even ??? Lg aryalastana

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The chocolate is not poisonous, only the proportion of genuine cocoa contained in it. A dog has already eaten so it is poor, whereas Couverture can act already toxic at low doses much milk chocolate. Much worse are grapes and raisins, which are also highly toxic, but know only a few.

Generally speaking, the cheaper the chocolate is the less toxic. It is best, however, you are giving the dog only dog ​​food and eating the chocolate itself;)

now I have not opened all the links, but the substance theobromine contained in chocolate harms the good friend of man, the dog, respectively. the circuit can not absorb or process this material. It is similar to caffeine.

Chocolate Sabor dos Alpes Brasil

Hi, here you can read everything:

http: // ...

For sugar, the kidneys of dogs and the animal refuse is literally fat

Because the dog a certain substance can not handle.

However, every dog ​​will react differently, some eat 5Tafel and which goes well a other notices a piece.

However, Sweet has no place in dog. Who wants to spoil his dog gives him a nice piece of meat.

Since you do not seem so well know your way around the Internet, I'll help you again: http: // ...

Google is your friend:

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