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My dog ​​is 8 months old. At 4:12 I was for the primary vaccination because that already one month was too late (the 2nd) as I mean hab.Dann bought Love said the vet I'd better brush up again in January, a month later. I was from 1 January month away and am only now wiedergekommen.Leider is who has taken care very ill and was unable to be vaccinated. I actually feel guilty and can now only Thursday back to the vet. I would never leave the grind mti intentional their .Könntet tell me how bad it is now, if at all? Can it be that my puppy has borne damage it? Please do not anmeckern myself have a guilty conscience and that did not happen again


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No stress because of a vaccination. Just because you were one month late, this does not mean that you have to make up for that again, the primary vaccination course should also act to accordingly you have now only every 3 years to vaccinate if the correct vaccine was used.

Personally, I have no longer vaccinated my dog ​​after primary vaccination and will, too beibhealten way. Should we even go abroad, the most necessary is done because it is there very sensitive. More I mute their organism not.

As long as you do not want to vaccinate annually is all good, because then the dog may wear Vaccine them and keep the drugs anyway 3, 5 or even 7 years.

I would just leave it at that.

.Könntet You tell me how bad it is now, if at all? Can it be that my puppy has borne damage it?

just go to the vet, then you will know what will proceed. Damage has Your dog characterized not suffered.

What do you think how many people something not taken seriously and get vaccinated irregularly, some can not vaccinate and animals goes well their dogs.

Personally, I'm vaccinated for regelmmäßiges because many sick dogs are brought illegally to the people. My very old dogs do not ever leave vaccinated, however, because the umhertippeln only on our own land.

?? Do not worry so much, that's a dog ,, no baby.

The refresh can anyway later, but not earlier pass. And as long as your dog is not got sick, it probably did not hurt him ...

  1. ... 8 months your dog no longer a puppy ...

... and 2nd primary immunization should long ago have to be completed - that has not happened, so I can only strongly recommend to leave you very well from the vet advise what for now is to be at all vaccinated ... A recommendation from me : if the dog is vaccinated, it does not let administer the "great cocktails" but demand for vaccines mono ... It's a bit more work for the veterinarian, but why should a dog be slammed with combination preparations?

Take your well please do not be persuaded that your dog needs to go through the full vaccination program each year ...

So the 5.1 they should actually be vaccinated again and so far not happened ...

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