Dog is not well why?

Hello our dog is doing for a few days is not good, he is no longer feed it moves slowly sometimes funny and limps with the hind paw and behaves differently .He is 2 years old and a black Labrador. Since 6 weeks we have moved and build degrees yet the house to tiles laid and so it may be because?

Thank you: D

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our dog did the hind legs sometimes hurt that he could barely walk, could not lie down, etc .... it was ne infection and he had a fever, so vet quickly!

Dog is not well why?

The why can say a TA you only. How do we know that? Are a few days because I was very fast at the vet. If you limping for some inexplicable reasons you go to the doctor or about?

Dog is doing for a few days is not good, he is no longer feed it moves strange and slowly limping sometimes with the hind paw and behaves differently

if your dog for several days do not eat and run complaints has, then you already hättetst latest must be at the vet yesterday.

Here rumzufragen further helps in any way, only a vet can provide clarity and help the dog!

Veterinary clinics also on weekends service, therefore you should take immediate action and bring the dog to the doctor now !!

How about nem vet !!! The possibilities are many ;;;; Organic disorders with severe pain. Herniation with severe pain.

Have you ever thought to ask the vet? THE DOG EATS NOT AND WILL NOT ALL ROUND AND EVERYTHING you dream, IS THE INTERNET TO QUESTIONS ??? ARE YOU STILL TO SAVE ??? In particular, the fact that the dog is no longer like to eat, would worry me. He could have anything to eat incompatible if their tiles laid. DIR IS CLEARLY NOT CLEAR THAT THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS THAT THE DOG IN BOWEL CLOSURE or similar: SUFFERING AND IF HE DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY A VET PRESENTED WILL die COULD !!!!

I will make thee no fear, but as the saying goes: Better safe than sorry. Better to have too much going for TA, as NEN dead dog have ...

There are emergency veterinarians and veterinary clinics, who also during the weekend service, so chop-for TA !!!

which you should already have been a couple of days at vet! Even today, many veterinarians have to (on an AB you hear who notdienst!) or you are driving in an animal hospital ... possibly he has something inedible devoured by construction / something occurred -the knows everything the vet for an examination! So today there!

And those questions you ask here on a Saturday afternoon a (kopfschüttel) For days it's the dog ... not good - maybe you have ever heard that you bring sick animals to the vet? Or are you hoping to any undefinable self healing because you are busy with your home remodeling for days?

I can only advise you very strongly, possibly to go up with the dog in the duty Emergency Vet practice. For the telephone number you experience when you abhörst the announcement of the band AB of your veterinarian.

You wartesz days when your Hubd lame and nothing eats instead time to go initially TA?

What your dog can not tell you just a tA, it can take up what its all bad from nothing.

Would you wait so long for you too? Or even initially physician race.

And why do not you just the vet instead to let him suffer?

WHY gehtman with a dog, which it --seit days - already badly off, not to a vet.?

he will have something come into the paw and the aht So sichbestimmt mitlerweile entzündet-- doing beastly hurt that he can not even eat like - to you care grants less about him, I think, because you all with are busy move - a labby sensiebel-- therefore please you had already today zm TA must go. Please call at your vet or in your area, there you learn by answering machines, who hat-- notdienst or to the animal itself torment until Monday and possibly get ne septicemia ?? what would make her, if it were YOU bad ???

is not better Ifs on Monday from the vet.

How about times with feedback?

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