Dog is restless and keeps me awake

Hello, I'm the first time here and hope to help. My Golden Retriever bitch is now 14 years and I'm worried. Some facts about me, I'm studying and let my dog ​​more than 4-5 hours alone. This weekend I'm always at home because it is already 14 and I'm busy a lot with my studies, that is, it is also at night not alone. Since last week, it is at night rather uneasy is very affectionate, running in the apartment rum, wants out or sleeping more than 2-3 hours but only if I ask her basket close to my bed. Even during the day it often seems restless. then she sleeps while longer but is also frequently and always seems in search of someone to be something or. Maybe anyone ever experienced such a situation and can tell me why it behaves this way. Thanks in advance.

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Even dogs can be accordingly - I'd times for TA rule out other causes such as pain.

My dog ​​has died changed their entire being 2 months before her.

She has real panic again to be alone in the apartment if you do not because it is already bist.Da 14J comes it intensify the fore this panic .Zeig Ihr noch mehr dass Du sie liebst dass sie nicht mehr soviel Angst hat Dich immer ein klein wenig Tags zu,,verlieren .

Well, there you have but a really nice Senior with you together live ...

If I ever go out of it, that bitch is old but healthy, then it is quite normal that their sleep and rest habits change times ... Maybe she scratches her sometimes on the carpet a new berth cope .. . it may also be that they stayed at the dream "läift" and this "strange noises" are of themselves ... Maybe she wants to eat at night at once what or drink ... it's all so long as normal without pain or any physical limitations expires.

Are you sure that the bitch can still see well? ...and listen?

Perhaps there is something that you at night any more is not uneasy at once ...

I wish that the old lady stays fit and can still have her a nice time together.

your hündn is already veeeery old, it is his old demented, hear kannnichtmer good and sehen-- she makes everything so restless, soe is uncertain sichnichtmehr can remember or orient - let the tie rmal investigate the TA, not that it has hurt even, the si always awake make .. introduce yourself it one that it so slowly geht-- with her to the end which can be sudden or else only in a year. but it happens to be a very old granny mitlerweile - you begrudge your sewing, which gives her sicherheit-- it is certainly difficult for you, but a lot of importance for your bitch to have a person on which they can rely grants

Try going to the vet that sounds like behavior when a dog is the end of life and a place looking to die (it is also very old)

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