Dog is restless and nervous ?!

Hello. My 2 year old dog always runs very restless through the apartment and whimpers, even if only 1 window is on. What could this mean, and what can you do about oo ?! * Window = restless, always looking to the window, whimpers, can not relax. * Window = totally relaxed, sleeping normally, eats normally, everything was great.

The best answer

Hi which now comes the reading of a glass ball the same;)

therefore had questions;

Female or male? Spayed or not?

Is he coming possibly from abroad, street dog or the like?

What it is for a dog, breed, possibly a dog with protective instincts ??

Were you with him outside her? Is it loud with the windows open?

If the dog is male. Or wbl.?

Yes I was already 2 times with him outside. :) And loud is nich really .... from time to time n car or children's voices

Bitch in heat?

Dog smells bitch in heat?

Dogs hear certain sounds not hear the humans. Perhaps there is a dog whistles orchestra or something that disturbs him.

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