Dog is snarled by other dogs

I have a Sheltie males of mitlerweile is 14 months old. With falling on lately that almost all dogs that we encounter, and he does not know him growl. But our dog is running normally past them barks not snarl not only sometimes he growls even back even if it is too much for him and the other dog does not stop growling at him.

The best answer

You should you ask the personal observation and assessment of a dog behavior specialist people.

Also I have not previously noticed that my next to me - or slightly in front of me running dog - Other - oncoming people and dogs look extremely fixed - until my an oncoming man said.

Your dog may threaten its hundliche body language other dogs so well, without using the even one Knurrlaut of itself ....

This means the growl of the other dog is an uncertainty signs your dog against which your dog can also trigger its conduct.

Please see you at my answers. You'll find there suitable dog professionals and how to find them called. As long as you do not yet have this clarification, you should not run close to other dogs by using your dog, so this must growl for their safety

Confess your dog to run on an arc around other dogs and should avoid as far as it needs to in the future no longer have to threaten with his gaze, facial expression and posture.

to better understand This way your dog in his language I wish you luck.

Book tip: Calming Signals, Author: turid rugaas

DVD tip: The small print in the body language of the dog, Author see link \ _blaschke.html

This is often a sign that your dog already sends clear signals towards the other dog!

I tend as very strong with my response towards YarlungTsangpo's opinion.

Dogs communicate largely through body language, vocalizations can be found there only in 2nd place, ie Your dog does not have to growl directly (which then usually only the people really stand) but a fix of another dog, running rigid-staksiges imposed rod etc. may be signs that your dog threatens the other dog.

Of course, then comes an answer from the other dog does not by any but by some just ;-)

Accordingly search you prefer aid which the viewing spot, here you can see neither your nor the oncoming dog and therefore not respond technically correct !!!

Then eight times out if there are mostly rude, the growl him that is among males often the case. Rejoice if your dog does not respond.

Feel your dog and the dog beds together or do you just past them?

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