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Hello :) I have a shih tzu is 7 months old. I try to educate him well and to play with it .. My problem is that he initially very listened to me and now so is he stopping play / finished, I have to play motivation with him and will also motivate him , play games where to look what / find, play with cuddly animals / tauseil where he must fight / draw, I play with him he catch catches me I him, playing games with the ball on the field but when he the ball then sets he himself, and goes away, sometimes it can be so simple. Ex. Course, I try with new treats to learn with him, he is only fixed on which I sit Treats are days 5-10 min long and trying him space or enter fote at bringing to it is so unmotivated and seat can I got him the he brought in then get a lob and NEN I Leckerlie sags even always with ner high voice Weil's the dog so to motivate. He did not when I say listen ZBS: Gismo, here to save! He looks at me as if I were him regardless and he goes. Earlier, he was not so, that is because I give him too much attention? When he sleeps, I tickle him, whenever I go past him I fondle him briefly at the head, I commit myself to him when he is asleep, I'm so very next time I'm 1-2days have not seen him, I'm glad if he wakes up, sometimes I speak simply with him .. It is my first dog I just want to do everything correctly .. you know what vlt icj doing wrong? When vet I have been here, everything is super. Oh, and once I was on the field with my boyfriend then we met that my dog ​​was not angeleihnt whose dog did not, he would no longer at us when we went to look at whether to follow us .. He did not care he stayed with the other ..

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Join him, so a bit of a break enter not stick every few seconds to him if he wants to be petted one sees him already and that the run out will my never how I want is nothing bad usually he can crawl stereo and do not want to go with me then I am the evil so normal in his eyes and that not every dog ​​comes with the ball again if he has a toy I always go to him and even annoyed him a bit then I throw it possibly jeh after and last but not least the treat dogs focus only on it, if you know what with bringing him want you need the word simply often times say for example I have squeaks a squeaky bone for my I call it squeaks kp why XD as I often say to him: give me squeals squeals my he knows automatically what I mean and runs always going on exactly this toy when I ask where the squeaks is squeaks long story short just say to him (if he is) are you doing beautiful place or something like that type I think he understands it after a while (because of the paw may be he does not like it there to be touched)

Hello Sinemlikeag6,

Presumably, your Shih Tzu feels from you too asked for the game - to German: You nervst!

He can, if he wants to not be grouchy, you really just ignore.

The Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso are actually (except for shorter Fang Shih Tzu, colors) one and the same type of dog from Tibet and the Himalayan States to Tibet around. There are Tibetan Lion Dogs - Dogs which (in mythology) could transform grave danger in a lion and the Buddha's teaching defended that.

So you see the two races are specialists in tents and temples in times and countries know that no door lock - watch. The ownership of the dog owner, and this itself - to guard.

It is a work instinct which lives in these dogs. This means you can as a Shih Tzu not only play, but in between has to secure this dog, pause, watch and everything "photograph and store into memory" Near to then unusual - barking to report.

Now one should not just go for a walk with Tibetan dogs. But you have to make a kind of "ritual" take care of the daily game. Once throw something and can possibly bring forward as praise and immediately think of something else. Never, and repeat the same thing!

This Asian dogs are for drill - not suitable education exercises with reps! They are frustrated by because repeats actually the dog say that it was not right what he has just done.

In addition, there are intelligent dogs and mindless repetition of game and exercises they are easily bored. Let you therefore think of something, always, do a set ritual of game units and: It is both - even the dog - fun!

We humans tend nowadays unfortunately to our dogs to excessively to bring fun to offer and abzuverlangen Too much program!

A terrier is doing hyperactive, a stress beam - a Tibetan is this stubborn, ignorant and makes an arrogant impression. This has attributed to being human.

My tip: Timetable for you and the dog. Fun times at the morning or late afternoon schedule. These go to a play area. Out there on the walk, for example, is played, they love to climb and balance. up there on a woodpile to enthrone and if they make room and sitting there. admire permit.

You hüppeln also like an obstacle course, but this should not lead to a sports competition.

Treats yes, but already do praise and fun at the common stand in the foreground

Common rest schedule. Output to lookouts where your dog can Thonen and watch somewhere above, watching everything. This is compensation for its innate qualities.

Good luck and joy, moving back the gimmicks and do something out with your Shih Tzu. together.

We suggest you visit a couple of hours a dog school with him. As you get from experts very specific instructions on how you have to deal with the dog, if you want to teach him certain things. Maybe you're too inconsistent in certain situations and it may be that your dog as muddled up and not really know what you want from him.

Hi you should check to turn the tables. When you are playing and playing with then you will after a few minutes it is enough to say and ignore him completely, until you know what he want again. Must therefore make you a bit rare, at the beginning it will help in the home to allow him to lie to the left and then to call up the Gassigehen him. It may be that he will then force the first day you for attention by staring it up, the paw is running or whatever else comes to mind that you ignore completely then. Food you put out only when he has made the seat and looks at you expectantly.

Makes you a couple of days time rar. Say ignore him. When he comes and wants to play you go without comment away, he comes and wants to be petted you go. Outside, he remains on the towline.

if you have pleasure to play, you start the game and finish it. Not the dog. So you listen to before your dog does.

you will see after two weeks the dog will worship you.

You should ih easy times breaks before DIR treat a day. You besiege him and not let him rest, he also needs !! You nervst simply extreme and the dog responds sometime bored before you or resigned !! You're not his pack leader role model and why he is interested in anything other than to you. About Forder him not, and try to be a lojaler and sovereign Rudelfüher for in. Just as he recognizes you as your "protection and guide dog". not humanizing him! Learn to deal on dog communication base with the dog!

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