Dog is spayed on Thursday, I'm very excited

Search soothing words :) my dog ​​of 8 years castrated on Thursday 16:00 for enlarged prostate. The Op probably takes only half an hour get it go again with home, this is where my problem begins when I search the web you get so many showers to read fairy tales that one really gets scared. Has anyone also report good experiences. Vet says I want him then completely leave her alone so wake up is simple. And at night I should go with him to get out. Will that work all so? Had I Silvester, because he has embarked on sedalin gel panic. Whenever he was awake, he has passed the Beginning Horror happens after anesthesia well? It is his first Op, and I get me badly in handle to remain calm :( I'm considering not to stay at home but my husband after surgery.

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In a neutering the dog anesthesia is not as deep. He is blissfully asleep and in the testicles get a local anesthetic to. Each really any surgery carries a risk. But this is very runtergeschraubt at technically good staff. The dog is after about half an hour in wake-up mode. But the Refexe are naturally malade. For you as a holder of course frightening, funny for others. You are right with your assumption that you can make the dog nervous. Your fear and uncertainty he will feel and be nervous. Still get it under control or go. He can pass and therefore no food and little water before surgery (1-2 days in advance). After the operation you will quickly notice when your dog is back to normal and can start feeding with small portions. So-- now wheeze times through and just calm you correctly. --Stell You prior to you a oller molar pulled. Since you get a syringe and after a few hours, the anesthetic away and you return to normal. (HiHi only toothache iiiii) A Hundekastra made auserhalb the Körpes. (In females it is more difficult.)


The animals stuck all mostly gone much better.

A Rüdenkastrtion are 2 small incisions, so keien large OP.

Schwierger to keep the dog quiet after that, if he thinks after 2 days, he's fine is. Because he can never run too much, otherwise can collect wound fluid.

But I would definitely have him so long at the vet until he is fully awake again.

We will morgend operated and afternoon you can pick up the animals.

Important then is really a lot of rest and not too much Pity, because often notice the animals then: "Oh no, Mum's worried something is wrong".

So, you need only once a good surgeon, this is first time is very important! I let my bitch remove the uterus, had to be, I had great fear. Pain etc. Had stashed painkillers. They spent a day for observation there and got after surgery a painkiller injected. When I picked her up, she walked me to my great surprise, even contrary. Even I was surprised at the rapid healing process and they had then a little pain, I have given a suppository. That was the only time. The matter was settled within a week. All the best and good luck

Why is the dog not long at the vet until the animal is monitored so that if there should be complications, a doctor there is?

It'll be all right! The vet knows unsure of, just follow his advice and ask him again because of what happened with the pass.

Everything will be fine! :)

Actually takes your Hundchen be excited. But who knows nothing yet of his bad luck. Do not the shirt, it will also be neutered dog-erte (pun :-)), even thousands who are still alive all.

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