Dog is thick for your size what to do?

Hey! I've since 1Monat a dog that is relatively thick. Previously, she was even fatter! But somehow it does not currently from? I always try to give less just were not there my naive family always cheering you what they whine. Yesterday I bought lamb lung that is dried in hot air and it is natural! Are Healthy? Have much calories because there is nothing to it? Help me!

The best answer

The dog educates you :-))). Yelp's attention - she whines to eg feed to get and it works so well with your family - so they will continue to whine to continue to get food.

Detraining goes only where they get nothing when they whine.

Explain to your family with an example children. Child cries in the supermarket because it wants Haribo. What makes the mother - buy or not buy?

Lamb lung has no fat dried etc. it and is great as a treat - Hundi will not thicker. But not too much give. Dried stuff is not healthy in quantity.

Well whoever it if you would feed them raw - ie meat, fat, offal, bone. That would be the healthiest and it could also super slimming. If you do not want or can, please make sure that your a food give no cereals, sugar, molasses and yeast.

Dog take by carbohydrates. Therefore, no cereals and none in the treat. In addition, dogs crops not only do not need, but it is also unhealthy.

Otherwise, you can still lose weight over the amount and movement. Attempts your family to explain that each treats that they give, must be deducted from the total amount of feed.

Or try to explain how dangerous obesity in dogs is - diabetes, defective bone in HD, ED etc.

I wish you success

Healthy eating is just as important as for humans for dogs. Losing weight can the dog just as we humans only by a caloric deficit, so he has to consume more than it takes to be.

However, the charge for a dog is a little too far. Feed good dog food after dosing instructions or even better visit a veterinarian! Treats are usually not the problem, but rather a lack of exercise.

Here you can inform yourself about healthy dog food:

Lamb lung can be used as super Leckerlie because they are absolutely low in fat and good for such actions appropriate. We feed lung like to also raw, if it should be something more. However, one must not forget that there hardly nutrients are in it.

However, you should generally look that less carbohydrates and especially no grain is more fed.

These speakers have often much buyers episode.

And of course with a consistent diet. Say nothing to give because she begs. do not go.

yowl many dogs because they want attention etc ... who loves his dog not fattening him.

vermiedet getreidehalitge fodder, feeding fresh meat and veggie ... and enough exercise that keeps a dog healthy.

if you can not login with your family to some, say that please the vet n order of your parents can explain how harmful it sit too much fuettern the dog.

The dog need to hire more easy movement. In addition, he should not get just because he whines.

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