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Hello my friend and I have a Chihuahua. She is well educated, listen to even if you say something. 2 things bother me, however. She is extremely excited and squeaks when it comes to food (ie it is fixed totally on food - be in the basket and allowed only on command to feed - as they can be but again wegrufen) So this squeaking and whining annoying - and is probably not good for them.

And when we sit on the sofa, then she jumps us to the legs, or the sofa. If you say, or no, she leaves it, but it seems it just does not learn. What can I do?

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So you let the food back and send it to the square take first with canvas for better management. then squeals constantly? So you wait so long without being observed next to the feed until it stops then you call it .. When she gets up before sending back .. Eventually the dog is relaxed because he realizes squeal does not bring it .. But that can often take a long time so times an hour beside the feed is ..;))

let sit long and can squeal long .. This makes the dog from excitement and to get attention .. So not all do not respond and just wait .. Eventually she will get bored .. The needs are then often trained to date is ..

Food and whine: very simple, because you are giving only the lining freely when the dog has just calm ... the only way they can learn it ... Eventually it makes click in the dog and they will remember when I perform myself so there's nothing , In my times which has made for some time. But does it understood by 2-3 times when it's calm down until there's fodder. Longest Waiting 15 minutes to start aufn Sofa, send the dog to its ceiling and also there is only attention when Hundi has just calm. Previously not look at, not to correct the or no "negative attention" to ignore. If the dog is quiet, may be cuddled, played or whatever.

And then what tasted and what helped? ;)))

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