Dog is turned up, jittery and jumps

Hi, I am looking for someone who is familiar with dogs and help me or can give advice. My dog ​​is 2 years old, a rude, Berner Sennen and Border Collie mixed breed. From the beginning he was very playful and wild. At first we thought he would at least be a bit calmer with time, but on the contrary. He jumps high and is hard to stop just when guests come, he jumps up on them, running up going around in circles and even knappt at cuffs, scarves and the like ... It can also hold so little rest and is always bored immediately. We go 2 times a day with him each Circa 30-40 minutes walk and also try him mentally to make an effort but he is immediately restless and can concentrate somehow barely. We have already tried to undercut all about the high jump but somehow it does not work. Some say we should castrate him, that would help that he is quiet. Has jeman yet another tip and experience with it?

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Na top. Successful Mix :-( ferocity and Triebigkeit probably the Border, physical constitution from Berner.

So it's clear to reinforce the mental work, which by the way immensely important for a board. This also protects the joints, but the dog charged out anyway.

You should in the dog school ask for groups / clubs that Obedience, Mantrailing, ZOS, tracking, etc. make. The certainly know what.

Topic hip: Jumping is absolutely taboo! There are very good opportunities, HD and ED to get to grips with, but costs just money. There is the question of whether you prefer you give Metacam as chronic medication, with the risk that the dog is not old, or if you plan to treat HD.

Topic Pounce: Please specify a coach your HuSchu to come to your house and situationally to work with you. Even that costs money, but that is a good investment. The dog must still learn a lot and I have the impression that you're so overwhelmed. Get so help.

A mix of all factors brings the necessary rest in your life. No puppy holding a long silence, quiet, they are usually only from 6-8. Age. This is normal and good.

So enhance utilization, medical care, training.

Your Berner Senne / Border Mix has a Hüftleiden, soso. Since, however, since only HD and ED are, can be operated on this without any problems. So why do not you do that!

Then 2x 30-40 minutes too little. Likewise, your dog has not really enjoyed education, he can not send to the ceiling? Mastered it permanent? So basic commands!

I can give you only one tip. Practice following. Pull your dog in the home a light harness what sits well, then an equally lightweight canvas, also a rope enough. So you expect now visit. Make sure you you will on this leash the dog jump like a its high, but slowed by the draufstehen. He will soon realize that does not lead something success. You have not even communicate with the dog, just wait.

So omits the dog any attempts to jump high, depending whether you praise with clicker work and you certify quickly this behavior. Even though quiet a few times in a row. Then you should also do exercises such as permanent or send your dog to his dog blanket. This will save weeks / months of training.

Here you should not falter. If the dog intrusive towards your visit, you lead him to the canvas again and again in his place. This can be oh believe me 20-30 x or more and sometimes take more than 1.5 hours. Of course, is then stupid if visiting is there. Patience patience patience. Then you should think seriously about helping the sick dog. Likewise 1.5 gassi go so honest! As should be 3-4 on the day your. Will recommend any good dog trainer.

Your dog is young and in puberty; since it is normal that he which is wild! : D

If a dog anpringt one, then simply lift the knee. The dog "falls" then automatically returned and when the all make the then is that sometime too stupid and he does it!

It is important that he is not allowed to turn the people when the dog is too restless un people against already jumping wild! My mother has since done so (and has a PERFECT behaved dog: D), the new visit for example. may enter the house alone and her dog had to wait for their place. Only when the visit alone "arrived" was allowed the dog to. BUT only if they remained quiet! So you have to get the dog calm and naturally suppress certain things with a "No". If the dog does not, then you have to send him away immediately !! Otherwise think of, that is his behavior so ok.

Oh, and if the dog is likely, then one has to say directly NO and send away the dog! Otherwise, he learns that it is ok he does it!

Your dog seems to have learned that he can do what he wants; why he behaves so! Dog training must be done right and be strictly carried out, especially in the first 2 years from the 1st day of. But even after that we must not aufföhren so because dogs also like to test their limits with her master!

A dog can be faulty upbringing wean very difficult again! And even with a lack of Erzihung it is hard, if he could make already almost for 2 years what he wanted: /

It is important for dog training: always be ABSOLUTELY CONSISTENT and always give CLEAR and SINNVOLL COMMANDS;)!

it is correct that if dogs are neutered, they are quiet. the jump you can stop by filling in a spray bottle of water and times when he jumps sprühst him each directly on the face. it is only important that it is pure water and not any chemicals are listed in the bottle, because pure water does not harm the face. Now the character of your dog is very sporty and very looking to adventure, because you had you previously have to inform better. you and your family would have to list which character traits have your pet should and what not, then you would also have to select a corresponding race. you have him nihct spiritually encourage, because it does not focus because of its, character it anyway. you have more to go out with him, you spend hours sporty deal with him, balls to throw, until it is exhausted right and stops by itself. to which is directly good for his heart, but it would not do justice to prevent his character traits compulsively. I'm sorry, but that was your fault, did you vprher apparently not informed ausgibig enough.

he will have HD, which is unfortunately very common in Bernese :-( muskelaufbau were it important galloping jump is poison for the joints, the dog should trot with water treadmill and light when jogging and cycling physically busy and especially last beschäfftigt the head are he is a border and needs a task and with seat and space should be started and a HD dog can make subordination and tracks ... so here, into a dog sports club

The question is not serious,

We go 2 times a day with him each Circa 30-40 minutes walk

because you need not read further. Twice a day, 30 to 40 minutes is probably the absolute joke ...

We go 2 times a day with him each Circa 30-40 minutes walk

that is viiiiieeeel too little!

Your dog is not busy and not educated. You should visit with a dog obedience school. There learn together dog and owner!

Perhaps you should your dog times with more than about 60 minutes auspowern.

A) at full capacity ... a hüftkrankerhund can utilize, there are enough Hüftfreundliche Müglichkeiten.

Please how will bring a dog in the school a Hüftschaden?

B) unleashes the dog when company comes or sends him to his bed, but this he should be so far educated that he stays there.

C) he jumps up when you or visit comes just commentary going out again go and come back. Every time he jumps out to go and door.

D) were you at times because of the TA Hüftschaden?

Some say we should castrate him, that would help that he is quiet.

This is a completely antiquated opinion !!!

What is certain is that you are with this dog far too little on the go! Such a great 2-year mongrel dog needs a whole lot more movement and also outside what to do ... 4 - 5 hours a day you should take into account that already spend outdoors and in any weather with the dog ...

I do not know so how you have taught the dog to go to his place ... If it rings at the door, then to go to his place and stay calm the dog ...

Entrants visitors should not worry about the dog, ignore him completely ... And only when with and has gone to be the visit rest, the dog may come ...

Will he be annoying and / or impetuous - he must return to his place ...

Such things can be learned very well in an ordinary dog ​​school

Look here, great blog Always have great advice.

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