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So my mixed breed dog is actually extremely motivated and obedient. Lately it is however quite bagged .. I suppose it is mainly due to the weird weather (it has extreme thunderstorm anxiety).

In Obedience you realize it most. She sneaks behind, not focused, the whole package. I thought maybe she needs something different and have practiced more drugs search and Mantrailing it omitted for a few days Obedience. Housed has nothing, quite the contrary. The comic is that I was yesterday in a shopping center and it is there perfectly followed me all the time without a leash and behaved otherwise exemplary ... Huh?

We will soon have an important test: 0 How do I find them motivated? lg

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When should your dog because sometimes "nothing" to do. Just because has dabbled in your dog Border, he does not need 24/7 Bespaßungsprogramm. One probably. is also easy with him "deflated". Sometime Pushes a "workhorse" to its limits. Some time ago you asked about track, now Mantrailing, Obidience and "Drugs" search (where you get a 14-year drug from ?!) came about. Shopping Center is for a dog and an awful lot "Input".

If you are the real "working dogs" look at you, so that the work for their owners UDN a professional who just "a" job. That's enough. The shepherd's not evening yet on an agility course. You ask your dog from a lot. I would scale down the requirements and just for a - "nothing" do two weeks. Walks and wars.

Quote "was in a shopping center and it is there perfectly followed me all the time without a leash"

In which shopping center you must Please bring dogs? Dogs should there be leashed out of consideration. If you purely must at all (I know of none, except pet Specialists!)

Second problem indeed have many responded ;-) I would play once more and praise, instead of practicing only obey. Ah or she is possibly. In heat? Then a dog also "blunt" be in behavior.

I would suspect that the bitch is overtrained. Since then arises like to institute such avoidance behavior.

Remedy to leave them for a while with the subordination in peace. The normal daily obedience can and should be retained, but you should resist this now extend to what is missing, to compensate the temptation :).

Most wealthy 8-10 days, where the dog can relax. Then you can - preferably with a very hungry dog ​​- go into smaller dosage again.

As a result, you should hold the training sessions deliberately short. Always work only with high motivation level and thereby alternate the contents. If the dog mastered individually all parts, you can put them together on the day of examination. The risk that he is disinclined then, is very low.

Maybe you should give the dog simply times a little rest? Tests finally are not important for the dog and his well-being, the only use your ego, how it's seems to burdens of your dog. Dogs are not robots.

vielleich she needs sometimes a few days without training?

Mach simply times nix. A dog needs a holiday too.

a dog does not need 24/7 Bespassung. Take a two or three days to go nix walk out boringly normal.

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