Dog joy at home

Hello everybody

Perhaps someone knows with dog psychology :-) If a dog comes back home after being with friends or something. He would be then so much because he appreciates the home or because it is just like at home and elsewhere not? So it would be really exaggerated. :-)

The best answer

If the dog comes back home then the joy is so great because it is the familiar surroundings with his favorite people to him for him.

Are you in when he is with friends? How long have you been him?

If you already familiar partner since it is in the normal case so that the dog loves every place where he can be with you. You are at home.

It would be because he sees his caregiver. Here a dog does not matter whether that person is good or bad for him, if the home is a hole or a villa.

He is happy to be home again because he totally like, the people who are there. LG

he would be he Weilo be herrchen or frauchen again looks

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