Dog just leave you alone ?!

So I will take something from me baker is about 3 minutes so go in Back Route I need about less than 10 minutes. We have since Saturday a dog (5 months) was with him shortly before 7 and at 10 am there later my mother goes with him again. She is now at work he would briefly alone you think that goes? Are I can him in time short in the kitchen doing (he is degrees in the kitchen) and door to? We have such a playpen for dogs but since he always jumps out ... He runs just always immediately afterwards if you go and has gone as example my mother this morning he gefiept and jumped out of the playpen ... So you think the goes or rather not?

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if it is really NOT more than 10 - takes 15 minutes, it is better to leave him alone at home when it to bind at the bakery ... on the one hand he could bite through the line, and run in panic away, and also he would of. be groped all ... ach * is * süüüß. Give him some of your old, which is not washed and he must then also keep and break anything. And take you much time to stroke, when you come back. I have made with this method in my dogs a good experience.

Confinement in the kitchen I would not him ... let him search his place myself ...... No way You can punish him if he * has hired what * when you come back home .... ignore it Just ... no matter what it is.

you have three options, leave him there even though that was not so good, do not you or you take the dog with. Puppies often still in stores, can tie him up so that he has you in mind and you love him. So we've always done and with our now 12 months aged dog folds already prima :) leave that alone I would not him now, because he is not so long with you! LG

Clear that goes for the few minutes otherwise take him and put him firmly at the bakery. , imprison him I do not like.

Yes, that would have to go. I do it always, I take 2 strong smelling treats, hiding the. In her basket, so that it is deflected and then I go quickly Mine is now 10 months old, she is already a whole morning alone, but I have even begun. It may be that your dog / bitch yelps something, but 10 minutes walk away is OK LG Luca

Can not you take him briefly? let alone I'd rather not even the little ones. Otherwise you would have to increase the playpen for the dog. But I would not let him in your place alone and take if you really need to see a baker :)

For 10 minutes, the times goes.

but lock him please not in the kitchen.

Give him not chew bone or so, but simply leave. Some distance between the two of you bring, so it degree doing his thing and you your and then you go. Closing best the door off, I've always done it, because I did not yet know how smart my dog ​​is before just the door itself makes on and then go to the bakery.

When you come back, then you praise him. If he has done something broken or has made while you're doing away without comment.

Yes, you can kitchen door to -. Go to the baker - come home and make the kitchen door again. No make a fuss.

of course you can leave 1/2 hour alone a dog once. Our dog is accustomed to be alone 2 to 3 hours.

D rather not!

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