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my bitch Mira now for a little over three weeks living with me, it is originally from Hungary. From the beginning, me her reddened eyes and strong eye discharge are noticed and heavy breathing. Our vet has flagged and meant it would not be necessary to administer any medication and has instead recommended us worming. But as it got worse and even a choking cough including white mucus came up we have made again on the way to the vet. Diagnosis: tracheo bronchitis. As Mira is only 11 months old, he has a devoted ourselves "weaker" antibiotic (Nicilan 200mg / 50mg) and eye drops. The cough seems to have been, even the eyes look better. But since yesterday running her nose (was previously the case) and is now also heavily congested. Therefore, breathing fast and hard, the pleasure of eating is also passed her this morning. In the Notdienstaotheke we got our last night on the recommendation BABIX inhalant for infants. Does not really help. Our vet recommends inhaling chamomile steam. Even that has not really helped. I do not know if I will still do well at our vet: / protected will have been more than a week, the walks are reduced in bad weather to a minimum and instead wild romp only cuddles are announced. Does anyone have any ideas how I can her breathing finally facilitate? Is it "normal" that occurs from kennel cough something in the final stage, or did she also captured a cold (she sneezes especially outside very often)?

Love, Tine

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I would appreciate more, she has additionally angelacht an allergy. For the general defense and recovery of the still existing problems: Propolis. 1 pinch of morning and evening on honey. Spinach or Vit. C preparation even with this, so once the whole system is stabilized bit.

Allergies similar to colds Fit are usually very difficult to detect.

What she gets to feed, as is their habitat? Seem allergies (scratch and red ears, rough skin) to be possible?

Who says that the dog "kennel cough" has (had) ???

Dogs can not inhale as people may deliberately do.

Dogs breathe normally the ambient air.

The bronchitis has to be treated specifically - otherwise the jiffy pneumonia.

Heavy breathing and the typical signs of a cold are also certainly not treated the dog with "worming" - especially since the usual worming medication means the already weakened body charged more ...

I recommend that you urgently seek another veterinarian.

All good for your dog

Time another veterinarian aufsuchen.Nicht all equal gut.Bei me it was the third veterinarian, and in which I am 30 years

Go Just to another vet.

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