Dog (labrador) has cough.

I have a question. My dog ​​(Labrador 12 1/2 years old) has severe coughing and choking often. It often happens so when she would strangle someone and they can not breathe. We have stayed several times at the vet and phone almost daily contact. At the moment she gets antibiotics somewhat expectorant, sage tea with honey and Novalis (painkillers she gets every day for a few weeks because of her hip) Have your dogs also had the left before? I'm afraid that it is not left only normal cough but something worse. Today we are back to the TA and I think I'll ask for an X-ray. She eats like always likes to play every now and then and is quite slow but making them have long since she no longer is recent.

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Dogs in the age also often heart problems. That you should definitely at a clinic can clarify because most vets do not have the possibility of a complete investigation. Only by listening you can not find some heart disease.

Water in the lungs should have the vet noted equal actually. She's really time left for it. I wait times what comes out today ...

About ne 2nd opinion I've been thinking only we go to this vet since I to the world am and it's 20 years and I know that I can trust she always tells me their honest opinion even if it euthanize killed an animal goes ...

With testimonials, I can not serve, but maybe you can here rather help an animal hospital. The just in specific cases often simply more experience than veterinarians.

Dog (Labrador 12 1/2 years old) has severe coughing and choking often. It often happens so than they would someone choking and can not breathe

could be kennel cough. Please be sure to inform the veterinarian it! Kennel cough is highly infectious to other dogs, therefore contact with other dogs definitely avoid!

For me, listening to kennel cough at (anyone's guess). This is very contagious, but can be treated well.

Since you already often been at the vet and also keeping in touch is you surprised me very much that you got no real diagnosis.

For the benefit of the dog, especially in the age, I would still prefer to go to an animal hospital.

Contagious I really do not think it's because she really has for some time and we have a second dog also. But the has nothing :)

did you let them already investigating with respect to payments, spleen od.lebertumore, seen in X-ray ... may also be that you, heart or lung worms has

Or it has water in the lungs? The vet would but then noticed already determined. If you you are not sure, then goes again to another vet, then you have a second opinion.

We also had a week ago.

Let x-ray your dog, then you know more. And Pulmostat acute cough syrup is also pretty good, question times thereafter. Maybe your dog needs an antibiotic, let the clarify.

We were told the little girl must inhale I just do not know how to do that.

Oh yes, then there are the heart cough, probably should your dog get a heart ultrasound to Exclude a Herfehler.

Best of all, you go to a veterinary clinic, because everything is clarified under one roof.

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