Dog leash comes up to me!

I am now walking every day with the two big dogs of my neighbor. More and more often it happens now that I see large dogs without a leash ... I have mega shit that come running and attack my two thicknesses .. So what do you do when a dog has a fantastic unangeleinter my two leashed dogs?

The best answer

Stay calm, try the communication of dogs to interpret and make possible line long, so extending your two can move freely. The other holders ask the dog to leash if you see someone of wide.

But what is important to stay calm and take no panicked flight tests. Had today examining laughing, my nightmare would indeed have been a dachshund Rudel what I eats, but today seemed en Rotti so contrary .... he has forgiven me my bid because I because I have so frightened first "cal ... have "summoned. And even if it looked dangerous, then nothing happens;) So do not always start from the worst, so it remains a little quieter. If sometimes the neighbors wondering how the two are with other dogs, so you because schonmal halfway know what to look for;)

And see it as most of them have well-integrated dogs, not everyone Beißunfall ends so that dies a dog, these are blatant exceptions. The dogs be times behakeln normal and usually it ends up on the one submits or both ne gotten Macke, but that happens children on the playground even when jockeying ... Think with such a fear, it only helps to time the facts in mind keep, so often other dogs are not bitten and remember that you never alone, the holder of the other dog is still there and will certainly neither an injured dog. And in the end has certainly each holder fear that his dog what happens ... also should remember when the meet unangeleinte ...

There you are to defend your entrained dogs if necessary in the case in the duty. Confident occur and remain calm.

Should it really attack you are you allowed to put up a fight you are as normal people is available by all means. Emergency and pepper spray when it is REALLY serious.

I have my (fairly) big bitch always run free, that is no problem at all. Out of politeness I make my dog ​​fixed if someone comes to meet me with leashed dogs, necessary, it would not. That a dog simply because it may strange dogs or people attack I can with the best will not imagine there is always a history.

Stay calm, let your dog stand or sit next to you. if you can disturbing sounds / allowed to do this quietly, idly, almost all dogs tolerated much better than on a leash (where they are supposed to have any contacts yes).

why one always assumes that the other dog is out to tear up everything he encounters ?! usually has the Just pleasure to meet someone, and you will be happy to nbegrüssen recently yapping. the other holders will hopefully be so reasonable to leash his dog when he knows that this is aggressive.

let your leash enough. they talk a lot more if they can not avoid each other. even better, he bring in return, then you can let him off the leash and they can (and will!) play.

If you already "mega funk" have in advance, then you should change direction, when Alex's free-running dogs in the distance! For the probability that you'll stay calm when the dog actually come to you, is negligible. .. !!!

Since it is not to your own dog, which you run on a leash, you should take any unnecessary risks!

Importantly: Keep calm!

Introduce yourself your two dogs and say quite emphatically: Go away !!!

That scream, run away, or the use of a stupid pepper spray does not help you so lights a ...

You must radiate security because your potential uncertainty would be transferred to your dog and then it can be zappenduster ...

I can only wish that the dog of your neighbor are reliable ... - and you hopefully will not get a stupid situation in such.

Not be afraid to yell before they themselves have shat

Immediately appeal the holder that he calls the animals to be.

perform emergency Pfefferspay for safety at all times. There are extra Pfefferspay against dogs.

the most important is, then do not panic.

If you radiate peace, the transfers to the animals.

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