dog leave .. But involuntarily

Hi Guys. And although I am again drew back in my hometown half a year in NRW usual again in Hessen. My dog ​​was in the care of my Mutter..Sie has just issued I was pretty shocked because it was my and they should take care of him and she said yes and they do it no problem .. now I would of course my dog ​​against him haben.Sie but gives me no information where he is! I have already. When called Tasso because he is microchipped can also nothing machen..Sie I thought to the police only the police ... What do all well and good, the already great animals are indeed treated as thing ... My question would be whether a of you any way familiar to the dog is me really care.

The best answer

You are of legal age ???

And you have all the documents of your dog?

You pay the dog tax? You are entered in the vaccination certificate and possibly in the pedigree as the owner of the dog?

Do you still have the contract of sale or transfer contract by the dog?

Then get yourself on the way to the nearest police department and report a complaint against your mother!

It is already used to read a lot - but that leaves the daughter dog disappear own mother ... - that's scary!

But this is really a really stupid situation. What says your mother why she has to leave dog? Did she the whole time you were gone in the "lied" that allows the dog well, etc? I have no dog so I speculate times, the dog is still registered determined on you. Eg in the vaccination card my cat I stand as owner. Then surely a legal basis is built up some. Vllt you go nevertheless times to police, more than that it can not happen to send you away again yes. However, you should really superior to whether you return fetch the dog when he is there in a good environment, will be treated well and probably feels then you should not him out again tear, no matter how hard it is for you.

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