Dog licking sore!

Hello! My dog ​​(11monate) licks his last few weeks the testicles and lower abdomen and paws (or paw between rooms) sore. Although I was at the vet (which meant it could be an allergy go the food and then he gave a drug) but that has not helped. Then I feed converted (to barf) and although it is not extreme, but he licks his still red.

Has anyone any idea what that might be? I cream with milking grease (he licks thank God not away) but it is only slightly less.

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Hi how long since the changeover passed since sometimes takes even a bit longer to subside the symptoms. This may take 6-8 weeks in advance. Have but already the Barfen designed according to the rules of exclusion diet? So only a protein source, a carbohydrate source only ?? While it is often so the dog for BARF probably know tolerated proteins they have not tolerated in canned food, but it I would not leave me and take something directly what the dog has never previously eaten. Since then things come as horse, lamb, rabbit or fish in question ... When carbohydrates could also leave it completely in theory for the elimination diet, if you have the feeling it could possibly come from carbohydrates.

And there are, unfortunately, a number of other allergies in dogs that can trigger something. It is therefore important as staying on the ball and continue to visit the vet time to precisely determine inweiweit relief enters etc ..

Your vet thinks it could be an allergy ??! "It could" eh what kind of a veterinarian? And then he prescribes to have taken drugs or any tests. So sorry that I believe less that you were with the dog to the vet.

it can certainly be an allergy. Not only on components in the feed but also as plants such as grasses, parasites can also be a trigger.

but he licks his still red.

You should change the vet and bear the dog to protect a neck brace. Feeding with fodder with min. 70% meat content!

It is located on futter.meist definitely is crop what something it auslöst.versuch with varying feed like eg salmon

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