Dog limps sometimes

My dog ​​started last night to limp. He kept his face always go up in and sit. We have the paw looked at directly and scanned carefully and moved. That seemed Milow but no matter sein..als he would thereby no pain. This morning the whole improved somewhat apparently he hobbles .. only now and then. Even then it will not romp, romping about. you have what could be a clue? My vet has not yet opened. Of course, I call because after the first and driving go there also. Nevertheless, I would like to know what you can retire (eg fracture) and what it could be possibly.

I thank you!

The best answer

Even a dog can be a strain of the ligaments and tendons pull, I would let see the dog by a veterinarian. Would he have something occurred, you had yes that yes certainly seen. All the best. lg Lilo

A Bruck you can probably actually rule, he would have never admitted without complaint, that you have examined and moved his paw closer.

Honestly, if it is morning again better, I'd wait and see.

It may in fact be that he simply versprungen be easily dragged .The self-healing when something is good. Should it unexpectedly worsen again or do not improve on, then of course to the vet.

May be he has dragged what.

My dog ​​has sometimes been injured as a puppy the muscles in the shoulder, today overloading he limps also. Veterinarians can nix do except reinzustopfe painkillers.

My physio aunt told me I should cool the place and if necessary use Traumeel gel.

Wart sakes still go and if necessary to TA or Physio

Sprain, bruise, stretching, foot-represented ... as people then can have contracted even your dog.

Dogs experience pain differently and are not so far that they would protect an injured part of the body as a precaution ... When's degree does not hurt - then I can jump and run ...

My opinion: if the hobbling longer than 1 day takes then please look for the veterinarian to ...

belongs Traumeel ointment and also as tablets in my opinion in the "dog-house pharmacy" - so you can create the dog relief ...



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