Dog Lively and playful?

Hello, what is the significance of a dog when it is lively and playful? Is it so well in an active family?

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It means lively and playful. Whether he is then released well in an active family, depends on far more than the 2 properties that can be changed with the older also.

If the terms are from a listing, they forget. "Lively and playful" is a Stadardaussage all who want to get rid of their dogs. No one would write: the dog is lazy and boring.

the could also a euphemism for a dog to be who and utilization experienced little education and necessary beschaefitung ...

when the gill to a ground for a levy is to be -can problematic and an active family is sometimes overwhelmed by an uneducated dog -There needs it namely also know how a dog can relax wierder and comes to rest ...

He is fit and feels comfortable, needs a lot of exercise, activity, will be required. Active family is good if he is involved in activities with and need not, therefore, stand back.

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