Dog looks to star

My dog ​​is like to be outside and looks very dreamy at the stars! Knew about like why it does so ... Have you any idea?

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Maybe she sees something. Maybe the moon? Or birds or something? Can also be that her neck hurts and she likes hochstrekt head because it no longer hurts so much (we hope not even). Maybe it relaxes too easy! No idea! Nice to know, but that there are dogs who enjoy the sky and simply are quiet times! (I'm just the neighbor dog !! AAAHHH) Yes ok: D

Because dogs have a consciousness. You look so synonymous in the stars. Maybe he does not think about his position in the universe, but he finds just beautiful.

Dogs have very poor eyesight. He can not see the stars certainly! He's just like being outside.

Simply enjoy the heavenly peace!

Maybe it speaks to my Aisha?

I know dogs that have completely fascinated watching a fireworks display, then why not the star?

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