Dog looks weak, to whom do I contact?

In my neighborhood a sweet Husky lives unfortunately he is always outside in all weathers and has no house In the family where he lives, it is very dirty around the home everything is filthy and the dog very sorry he is very affectionate but shy and always pulls the tail a he looks pretty thin, and when he's out and someone at the fence passes then squeals he and he'm so sorry I do not know what to do I want him so happy to pick out there who can I contact? :(

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Mach photos and send the email to the official veterinarian. Additionally you please describe very precisely the circumstances. So that the dog has no cabin, still lives outdoors (you are you sure about ???). Do you know if the dog is fed regularly, or if he still has access to water?

A thin dog is first times no need for a display, an outdoor entertainment either. Since it is very clear on details.

An animal welfare or to a veterinarian, who then do what ever :)

I would like to address to the ASPCA.

As can indeed a first time just pass by and watch - The only advantage, if the dog is constantly outdoors.

On the charge of your region veterinary!

I find great, anonymously, to the animal shelter or animal welfare contact on google you will certainly find

Take a few pictures and send them to the newspaper! The tear those dog owners with a smile

At the Veterinary Office, as soon as possible. The poor animal has to get out there.


Possibly veterinarian?

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