Dog Lungworms

If the lungworms are killed with drugs, as they still disappear from the lungs of the dog? Other types of worms are indeed being divorced, but the lungs has nothing indeed to do with the intestines of the dog. So how is the dog that killed worms from the lungs los ??

The best answer

Resorption. However, to reach the normal WK s only Lungworms currently in the intestinal circulation. The lung can only with special WK kill - but which are easily absorbed in the lung tissue.

They are coughed up and swallowed.

We had the theme only a year ago with our doctor. However, they could not be detected with us. Unfortunately, I have the doctor still very familiar of told me to a 5 wöchtigen Panacur cure. If it is similar to when you leave definitely do before a blood test. Before, I would not uproot it.

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