Dog makes a sudden in the apartment.

We have a Pyrenees mountain dog. He is 11 months old and eig housebroken. Since yesterday he pees all full. He is concerned but good. And he does it in the run. Otherwise, he makes a good healthy. I gave birth to my second son a week ago. Since he is held 5 times 3 times out. But what prop should be enough. Does anyone know what could be there? Does he jealous? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hello Jackii91! :-)

Well tended I would rather tap something organic ... But there are two things that make me uncertain in the assessment. Point 1.Er is during puberty, which makes him unpredictable ...

Point 2: * The breed needs plenty of exercise. Since they do not accept unconditionally any command obedience exercises are the worse choice for them. It is their desire to move most suited when one takes long walks with them and they can also run and play without a leash. * Source wiki

We have the weekend, so it should be easier to give him what he was before, right? :-) Is he then housebroken, the question should be answered ...

Otherwise, the TA should be your contact person!

Have a nice weekend and a lot of joy to children with dog ;-)

It greets you


Hello Jackii1991

You've changed your habits and perhaps by the baby all the circumstances and times when you dedicated yourself to him previously .You write it myself that he may take 5 times out only 3 times .The attempts of dog you convey characterized .Geh just longer outside him at 3 times will output and show him that he is important .The wants to bring only the front again, this Schlingel.Du must outsmart him romp with and longer outputs, then the hörf again.

Enjoy Ung


first congratulations to offspring.

When you write, your dog would pee in the running, then I'm afraid times strongly that the animal has a bladder infection. Would it only because it now takes less out, then he would keep until it no longer was - and then he would losstrullern. In addition, a house-dog pure announces yet?

Of course, one must always include the changed family circumstances with - but since this is a 2nd child, the dog is rather familiar, that your attention is not alone revolves around him, but he "has to share with the children."

Even if it is likely to organize complex and time difficult - you should quickly definitely visit the TA. From a possible bladder infection may also be kidney problems quickly. In addition, as a condition for the dog not pleasant and conducive.

Good succeed


which may well be that he does it from jealousy where I went on vacation has my dog ​​also made although he was housebroken and I took the dog to stand at known. But at the beginning I would still 5 times to go out so he really understands it

Have abgecheckt her that he has no bladder infection? Dogs can be so easily say nothing when they are sick, because they have been really bad to be tuned before they "lömelig" (ka as the High German's) are. In a bladder infection he can not keep tight as it tröppelt easy.

Key time if his belly is hard. If yes, go to the vet. Best wishes and congratulations :)

3 times a day is just already little. And before he went out 5 times.

My dog ​​would not 3 times long, he has a baby bubbles.

Also he is in the running pee funny, let him time by checking on cystitis and co.

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