Dog makes in the apartment, help!

hi i have a question and a large out the her I might help. and although I have a problem with my little dog. it's a Chihuahua jack russel mix and ca now a half a year old. from the beginning he has given me in the apartment and I have really tried everything. I have a dog toilet placed at several locations over again but he has unfortunately never accepted. then the dog actually has his rhythm I'm beginning every 2 hours plus out whenever she has eaten and whenever we played or she has slept with her. Now we have the high set on all 4 std because there are quite a time long went well. but now she goes again so that was 3 weeks went well. I have always praised making pippi the garden outside and rewarded with Leckerlie and of course in contrast they scolded when I saw it where it has gepippit on the ground. My partner and I both work and have layer in exchange they say is never longer than 4-5 hrs a day alone, but since it does not manage to do in the house. I have little now 2 1/2 months and unfortunately I do not even like the previous owner or breeder has dealt with it. we have it at a, walk found in a dustbin .... the bad at the thing is we have been 3 years a cat both have super understood from the beginning only my cat slowly begins to also be unclean what never was ..

please help me what can I do ??? Thanks in advance...

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"I have a dog toilet placed at several locations over again but he has unfortunately never accepted."

You have the dog almost to be educated to make the apartment. Remember times Hundeklo that there is no fact. Neither Pipi mats still litter. You have to start from scratch with toilet training.

lAlso, every 2 hours out about. That is not satisfied as accurate, important is to play after each, eat, sleep, and as needed. This can be 2x 1.5 hours or until again after 4 hours. It is important that you as the new holder the signs recognize when the puppy wants to solve. Symptoms and signs include turning in a circle, sniff increasingly, panting. Unsettled about toddle, beeping, whining, whimpering. You have to learn the signs be able to read it. Should the tots contact, you take it up and go to an undisturbed area for a quiet release space. Carrying him there. There you stop and wait to do until such time as he dissolve. Why remain standing? Often puppies are distracted by other odors and forgot to actually dissolve when it goes for a walk, even though the need precisely :-) was so big most when they have their environment explored, they pee then. If that is done outside, you celebrate a party with your puppy who is so profusely praised, hugged, play a bit with him or give him a treat every now and then as a reward! Do everything that a puppy is fun. If it happens indoors, not scold your puppy, not a purely nudge into Pipi! No Kommunikation.das is silently removed. Also caught in flagrante did and with commands fully bombing the puppy anyway not yet understood is rather counterproductive. If you findest a puddle it is still outside, even if the dog is outside does not solve. Because is not thought och dog has only just peed, now I no longer need to get out. Why? Because the dog associated with it when I make pee it comes out! And since you've praised so beautiful, and the puppy so that something positive has connected. Will he learn that it is better to break out! UNTIL out then the business in the absence of dog path is made. Why? Most make the way you are tense! Unconsciously, of course, hums to himself, or else there is a "Hmm" or sigh. An annoyed posture has safely. That should your puppy if none perceive that in doing so it combines bad. Cleaned The well with a strong cleaning agents (detergent with me helped), the body should still smell of pee, the chance very large, which is the puppy go to the same place again. ausrubbeln carpets as well and clean. Replace with If or remove the time being! It is important to scold the puppy on garkeinen event. Because he only learns the business do what is bad and it is negative, in your presence to dissolve. Then he will make it probably secretly! Also there he will resist it until he is undisturbed and you do not find yourself in its vicinity. A tip for the night go, go to sleep just before, again out with the puppy. Take him overnight into the bedroom, close the door and teach him a bowl and place to sleep. Close the door, therefore, the better you realize when the puppy is restless and he was not about tapst in the whole house / home. Imagine also optionally an alarm clock. Also during the day, in the room where you find yourself, shut the doors, that he does not have so many opportunities. With every week of life, the puppy can control his bladder longer. Although times 2-3 weeks of rest was, and it is once again what in the apartment. Do not despair, patience and head high.

Please contact the competent dog school. There you are better off than here with this problem. I guess it has something to do with the trauma, because if they "discarded" was, she experienced bad with security and not from a breeder. Here you should really get you experienced dog trainer on hand who have experience with such traumatized dogs. Because usually learns a puppy not to make the relatively well within 6 months, in the apartment. Now and then, of course, it happened nevertheless times, but that should not be seen as dramatic.

Please swear under any circumstances if she did wrong! Punishment for something for which they can not, is fundamentally wrong. please why ignore and easy to clean. Outside for further praise vigorously. And for heaven's sake, please make no "Hundeklos" on. Dogs do not go to a toilet, running around in their area and mark it with their secretions (hence the Gassi-round). You do not like cats.

Hello ;-)

I also have a Chihuahua and YES, a suction mat, which he must do indoors - because you have to remember the bubble smaller dogs is also very small! He considers it not so long like my Bulldog! This is particularly the case at night. But he makes ONLY to this absorbent pad and from which it is ok for me. Discontinued he gets anyway and lives like a real dog (make Agy). So would sugarcoat no toilet, only sometimes it is really a help.

Then I advise still to be checked to see the feeding! he gets canned food? Since around 75% moisture in it, which can often make the dog pee. So look, if necessary, that you umstellst the lining, so you can see if it gets better.


If you anmeckert me and I can not even see the connection, since I am a dog and I were alone for so long, I would also make pure!

The dog toilet is outside Never indoors. What they learn otherwise? make correct indoors is good, but not again and out there I have to be scolded afraid happened so inside as well ...

And so let a young dog not alone for so long! The poor creature, but is still a child and keep you in mind, she does not think: Oh just persevere mom or dad come right back. But in such an early age is the idea ALWAYS crap I'm alone, there is no one, no one comes again where are the only ???

Apart from the fact that here so everything was done wrong in the toilet training rather:

  1. The dog litter by suggesting that he should be solved in the apartment
  2. Scold when dissolved in the apartment (especially when you consider point 1, you realize how contradictory this is for the dog)
  3. Too early, too long alone

Would a dog, which was found in a garbage can in general to advise a behavioral trainer to consult. We can not see and not judge whether the dog is not already deeply traumatized the dog yes. I've even a traumatized dog and even if this has only really recognized the second coach - and I was in front of it for years at the shelter running. Unnatural solution behavior, as well as the behavior of your cat indicate extreme stress. You will not be able to avoid that someone sees precisely. should doing your own Any tips to perhaps even more because we really do not give here.

As I read this, you do it all imaginable. If only the veterinarian to my body back to when the physical is excluded (illness) he can also for psychological what say I keep my fingers crossed that this is only an initial stage still, because the animal has just gone through a bad!

I have a dog toilet placed at several locations

Hundeklo is outside. Dogs that are to do in a dog or cat box, learning that they can make inside. Not that they should do indoors in the toilet.

and of course in contrast to where they scolded when I saw it on the floor gepippit

Why have you cursed? So they can learn the most that she is scolding for "Make". The connection with the making inside can not manufacture them. You're making up for it unpredictable: sometimes they get praise and Leckerlie, sometimes grumbling.

ie it is never longer than 4-5 hrs a day alone,

That's way too long for about six months old dog! At that age you just beginning to build the Alone Stay slowly. Four to five hours, the limit for an adult dog, which was carefully adjusted to the Alone Stay.

please help me what can I do?

The start toilet training again from the beginning. Without Hundeklo and without grumble. It can take up to a year in advance, until a dog is reliably housebroken.

And do not let them alone for so long. This is torture for such a young dog. If You can not hold take to work, look for a service.

The worst mistake was the litter box for the dog ... That dog suggests that he may calm resolve in the apartment - dogs make their homes not dirty ...

Therefore, one begins also so as ye have done it with the toilet training ...

Why did the dog acquired when it has already established from the outset that he must remain for many hours alone? must stay four hours alone to practice - and that takes something like 6 - 8 Month If you started with the dog from puppy days practiced consistently ... - actually takes it in most dogs even longer ...

What says the vet? How old is the little bitch for now anyway? What about the change of teeth? ... That is of course a development step ...

Anyway, the little dog is too young to stay alone for hours - and YES, I can very well imagine that your cat is now dirty again ...

The Cat and the puppy have correctly STRESS !!!

I have a dog toilet placed at several locations>

Why?! Is your dog a cat? !!!!!!

but unfortunately, he has never accepted.>

That's right! He is also no cat !!!

Also in contrast to where they scolded when I saw it gepippit on the ground.>

How exactly scolded? a "yuck" or "no" is enough. You have the dog for example, do not yell at or otherwise do what !!

My partner and I both work and have layers in alternating ie it is never longer than 4-5 hrs a day alone>

She's only six months old .. how long you let the dog to have 4-5 hours all alone ?!

The dog is bored and wants attention. And if he does not get, then he makes just that he is respected. (Negative attention is attention!)

@ Sara16erd,

according to your description you are not suitable for the keeping of dogs.



Hey .. Can you next time you make sections? :) After reading I verrusche dauernt.

Bring him in that he / she should make in zb .: cats Kloh. Or he / she shall earlier bescheis tell you if he / she must go :)

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