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my girlfriend and I added about 4 months ago a havanese / Pekinese 3 years old bitch with us because their previous owner could not take her for a walk. She had a pee there think. We do not have is a 3 years old collie Housebroken. We go 3 times a day with you out. Morning 20 - 30min 1hr lunch. Dinner 15 min With a dog diaper we get housebroken, because as it makes in no case purely. The diaper then we have omitted, this was also a time well. But now it begins again to pee at night / morning in the apartment. (Could it be that my girlfriend has started again to go to work.) Now my question: Shall we try it with the diaper method or are there other (better) options?


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I used to play outside with my Collie also, is the havanesen but nurnoch partly possible because I'm busy with the educating of havanesen. She barks and growls at all (sometimes even if nothing is there). It has been frequently ripped off the leash and ran away. But In the apartment you is totally devoted and loving unless it comes to their food.

Shall we try it with the diaper method or are there other (better) options?

Yes, go with the dog out more often and observed them well when it is in the home, even the night you have to go out, if necessary, as is done with a puppy!

Here is a useful Aneitung to:

to diaper a dog but is really a joke and unnecessary!

Thanks for all the answers. health problems are not known. At home we employ the dogs with games, exercises and puzzles. They both drink a lot. She gets morning and afternoon wet food dry food.

What I do not understand is that it has not made two months in the apartment. goes to work only since my girlfriend (for a week) peeing them back into the apartment. Then my friend must have low or night again before going to work with those ...

Do you do the Collie in between even something else? 1.75 hours are something little for such an animal. The need much more employment, especially for the nose.

Who then pulls a dog, please contact a diaper? Housebreaking you must now rebuild. DH go out every 2 hours. go out in addition After eating, after drinking and after sleeping. Every time there and praise when she does it which wipe out easily without comment.

Until they learned it again.

What else will you remain hardly left and please let the bullshit to humanize the animal and to put him a diaper.

Otherwise, it may of course be due to organic problems. For example, bladder or kidney. Let this also check yet.


the little lady was investigated ever been to a disease process? It can very often have health causes.

A client of mine had namely a similar problem with a dog from a shelter, this has been done, because he was still pissed with 4 years in the apartment. There was a very good Tierheilpraktiker solve the problem!

What is the diet, which is fed? Occasionally it much?

The better option would be, often go out with the dog. That one Diaper a dog, instead go out often enough, I also have not heard. 3 times a day is the dog too little, go at night again and the morning time. And in between, as often as possible.

Yes is often out with the dogs.

3 times a day is too little, above all when you go as short ....

No dog needs a diaper to Stubenreihn to be, would you like to pee in a diaper? Nope right? No way the dog is doing differently? Go to the animal several times out, you can not look for you a sitter or give from the animals.

You come only to just under 2 hours to go out every day ???

That's enough no dog in the long run!

So what is that? I understand what is wrong or not?

She had a pee there think.

Dogs are yet no diaper "children" - when dogs are organically healthy, then they do not need diapers !!!

So I can only advise you: go on-on ... with two dogs to the vet ... If the dogs are organically tippitoppi - flows with appropriate toilet training no Pippi ... !!!

And for the switch to "without diapers" is sufficient at first to go out every 3 hours - the distances can then be extended soon ...

And look at times as you can make it longer "Outside rounds" to go ...

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