Dog makes when sleeping funny noises

Why does he do that, previously, I found the sweet but now ... The barks sometimes in sleep, almost every 3rd day so that he makes so strange noises

The best answer

Exactly, he dreams and processes the things that are happening on the day. This is normal;) After very exciting days makes my so much in their sleep: growling bark, whine, ... ^ - ^

He dreams and processed subconsciously his experiences. Bad if he would make no more noise. What could occupy him so badly? Inquire Thyself whether its existence is optimal for him.

What is there to get hurt. Animals also dream, just as we humans. There are also people talking in sleep

He dreams, make my ever after an exciting day. Because even growled in sleeping times.

You talk in a dream also.

Can you please describe better what noise? Where ?

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