Dog might Poisoned?

Our Doberman who killed a cat, or I have not seen it, I have this morning just after he barked as seen a madman he who they are around shaken invariably can with us at the moment a lot of foxes adapted hunters and veterinarian poison baits and also gewart one should at the moment only with leash and muzzle the dogs rausgehen.Aber the cat was on our property. Now I must quickly know if my dog ​​has poisoned possibly because he is only rum trembles all over. PLEASE ANSWER FAST FREE !!!!!!! Thank you in advance

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I think the problem is not likely that the Doberman at the cat ?? poisoned. The tremor is likely to be his "hunting success" stress and adrenaline if you want to call because it so.

The problem is rather the dead or seriously injured cat.

If the cat is dead try to find the owner, so the least know what happened to his pet if it no longer comes home. If she is still alive propelled her to the vet if it is still there or seeking the Beitzer so you care about them and they look for and supplied or schlimstenfalls redeemed.

Yes could have happened, best to the vet. But be careful sometimes times that your dog does not just kill cats. The was someone, change it to experience and confess it to the owner.

The baits are not poisoned. Because a vaccine is inside. The good calms down. No panic.

How about if you take goes to the vet? !!!

He has certainly not poisoned.

He has played with a cat and she scratched him. He he's excited and needs rest.

Why ask people here always something! We are not Tierärzte.Also go IMMEDIATELY to the vet


Driving but please nem veterinarian ??

I do not know what shocks me more! go to the vet .. lookin whether the cat lives otherwise take a de same time. a madness ...

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