Dog mounts cat - why?


we have a 7.5mm-year-old Husky mix dog and since September also have a cat. The combination of dog and cat was / is not easy because the dog incredibly euphoric responds to the cat and tries to play with her like a dog. As our dog weighs around 37 kg and the cat with 4 months came to us was this due to the size difference first too risky and we are merging approached very slowly. For about 2 months, we let the two together now without a leash and kennel in the house. Meanwhile, the two are often for hours quietly in their seats to watch without each other, but it also is very common that it "Zoff" is because of the cat, the dog often lags, she constantly licks and their defense (beat with his paws, claws into the nose, bite his ear ...) misinterpreted as game offers. But overall, the situation is that the dog likes like the cat, the cat a little less, they get the dog reasonably together, even if it is sometimes wild and high escalates, so we have to intervene. Yesterday evening, our dog has suddenly started the cat climb. I'm not sure how to interpret this behavior. Is this pure dominance? If the dog has the feeling there's something to be clarified in the hierarchy? How should we deal with it?

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I am also of the opinion that it is pure dominance. Think it's the Fehlinterpretition the different body languages.

I have all my life cats and dogs, but something never experienced.

Rates I can tell you unfortunately nothing and really explain either. I would, however, prevent it, ban the dog. Think that the cat's eventually becomes too much and she resists with their claws and can go out and bitter so I would stop it.

My dog ​​would climb my hangover before few Monateb, with him the reason was that there were several females in heat and he totally horny.

I have the inhibited behavior, also the constant hunting and lick is inhibited with me.

That is dominance behavior of the dog. Dog and cat send out completely different signals always misunderstand the animals each. The cat is probably him someday so rough beat to his face that he is there in pain then understand eventually the claws.

That's dominance. However, I wonder again and again why people desperate to keep alien animals together. Even if it means permanent stress for the animals.

Basically, it's a dog / cat household so that is the <cat the boss! As each dog will add and that's a good thing! Keep to as weitgehenst out and considered the cat as well as a boss in the house. Then nothing will happen.

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