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Our border collie-mix is ​​now 12 years and the vet has fesstgestellt a mouth tumor, which is already quite large (5Mark-piece-large). - Only every 2nd dog survived this disease, these malignant tumors may grow back again within 2-4 weeks -. Should actually undergo a dog in this age of the OP, the lung was lt radiograph free of metastases, after excision of the tumor is the skull X-rayed if the jawbone is already attacked, possibly bone must indeed there be removed - they will be in pain, very limited food intake - so that they can live a few weeks longer? Does this make sense? I Love My Kora, she has our family (3 daughters), accompanied for 12 years very loyal and loving, I wish you a peaceful and pain-free finish when it's so far, I would put to sleep even if she is in pain and the vet agrees QUESTION: Should I perform these 1. OP ???

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I think I would not do it. We had earlier times an Irish Setter dog, at the age of 12, breast cancer was found. The vet has persuaded us more or less to the operation and the entire udder away. The OP was a huge engagement and although our dog then has lived for more than two years, she has never found really to their previous top form back. Died it is then just 15 - but not from the cancer. I would never let you operate an old dog again because as a tumor. It may be that he lives no less than without great suffering for a long time. Such syndromes run just always different.

Very difficult decision - I've even a dog. I think important thing is whether the still life includes joy for the dog. How painful or disturbing the OP for him will be? How will he cope with the anesthesia? What if the tumor grows back really quickly? Jawbone I would definitely not let her remove.

Maybe you should have a second opinion from another veterinarian immediately and then take a decision, together with the whole family.

Perhaps it would be better to accompany them without surgery to the end, and if she is in pain and / or no longer want to eat, then redeem?

I think she had a wonderful life with you.

As with our Blacky the same diagnosis was made as in your dog, he was then 14 days left on this side of the Rainbow Bridge ...

We have not let our then 14 year old otherwise healthy dog ​​operate.

What should I advise you ??? We have very grieved, but I think it's honest love for animals when you can let a terminally ill dog in old age go into all the dignity ...

I wish you all much strength for the right decision

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