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Hello community,

yesterday I was with my dog ​​at the vet because he behaved so funny. This has been found to bloating of the abdomen scan. I will give three days Sabsimplex as suspending him now. This morning and this afternoon the feces was normal and grade when I was with him there he only had diarrhea a bit and then came some mucus ..

If the from Sabsimplex?

PS: I know that now again write some upper sly cunning that remote diagnostics are heavy and I should go to the vet again .. But maybe one for sure himself or his dog experiences!

Thanks in advance


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Sab simplex is a means which acts physically. It acts "Provides degassing" and is excreted in the stool again. It is no drug that remains in the body, is there even very young babies, if they have a stomach ache.

I believe that it is on the Sab simplex, it travels up through the back and get it all out, and if it's not feces, then air and mucus.

As long as the dog has not continuous liquid diarrhea, worse mixed with blood, waiting first 3 days after. When is it not better to go on Monday again to the vet.

It also comes always on it, whether it is a large or small dog, a little dog has less circulation volume and is at risk for diarrhea faster than a larger dog.

You could also put him on some diet, no treats. My dog ​​has helped diarrhea or Verdauungsirritierung boiled rice with boiled chicken breast and some fat quark. The time had the vet recommended foods.

To completely make sure you can have for sudden deterioration in the state in advance emergency surgeries and veterinary clinics raussuchen (you should have anyway always have), but I honestly do not think that you need that.

Mucus in faeces is quite possible, even under normal circumstances. Of course, it can also come from the drug.

What you feed your dog actually that he gets such bloating that the doctor has prescribed Medis? =) Normally, when high-quality diet something not dogs.

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