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Hello dear, because I had a very urgent question! And we have a few days before getting a appenzeller puppies, the thing is that the small racker is 8 weeks and blind, he should be put to sleep and we have said in no case we can give him a good life! Now I'm looking for a name which is important to me that the name left something to do with the blindness has so names like example of artist warrior etc or names that are as fighter, since he was the weakest and almost did not get through, he is using has yet made it! I am pleased with your ideas!

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Hello Niki Gina,

when I read your question, I immediately thought of the warrior Samson. He is a figure from the Old Testament, which was very strong, as long as he had long hair. Once the hair has been cut off him, and he lost his strength, was taken prisoner and was blinded. Of course, he took revenge on his enemies. For details you can read in Wikipedia. There is the meaning "of the sun" or "Little Sun", which I find very hopeful as translation of the name.

Samson - or Samson - is therefore my idea for you.

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