Dog Names for Stafford-bitch

Hello User,

and although I have my bitch a blueline Stafford two days ago gekauft..die small is now 14 weeks old and still nameless ..

She is very affectionate, curious and cheeky. I have already looked at several sites by name but found none that fit her, yet I liked.

Do you have suggestions? But please do not something like Luna, Abby, Baby, Lena, Anna, biscuit or so. I do not want to give any names nor drinks endearment my dog.

Thank you in advance

The best answer

I've a name now not ready, but I want you like to point out that no respectable breeder would (whether staff or Great Dane or similar) try the color blue to breed really effective, because it is often loaded with immune deficiencies and diseases on Heart ,

Most come from such animals propagators who want to do with the special color, regardless of the animals, money.

The animals are beautiful, but often not healthy.

Please make yourself over again thoughts.

As for the name, I personally would actually take a dainty name because it has in my opinion a nice contrast to the actual body shape. I know a Bullterier called Lilli and the name fits surprisingly well.

How can it be that a dog, even to one who is a "list dog" is in most states, has not been named?

The dog would have nevertheless come from a breeder. The litter must be registered with the name Zuchtverband.

If you do not like the name, someone will find perhaps a way to modify it original.

'Nova' is 'the new' is the name of my dog ​​as well. :)

Nala, sheila, Candy

I also like such names as Gloria, Dunja, Indira or Indra ...

So my blueline stafford lady called "joyce"

Cuddles or sweety.

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