Dog names? I shall not fall a

Hello, I get next week a dog and I garkeine idea what to give him for a name ...... you have any suggestions? (Whether it is a boy or a girl I do not know)

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Kenzo, Chilli, rascals, Kiko, Roxxa,

Sounds very untrustworthy, how old is the dog when you get him?

How can it be that you not even know a week before collection of the dog, whether it is a male or a female?

Sounds frightening to rummage puppy (this term enter times in google a).

When a puppy from the breeder gender and name were already known in an adult dog from a shelter or animal protection and also a Tierheim- or animal welfare puppies at least the sex.

I think when you see him / her see you thinking of a name;)

Our two bitches hot Ghini and lilly :) I also know two hot mosquito and wasp

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