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hi Guys

I wanted to ask at what point you can see the claws of the dog are too long and need to be cut? Or is that a superstition?

Of course, I then go to the TA to have to do that, but would like to know when the time comes.

PS: Have a 1.5 year Kleinspitz :)

Kind regards

The best answer


Normally, the claws whet off if the dog runs out or digging, etc.

But it can be avoided, they are nevertheless times as long, until the claws as touch the ground with the forepaws not always, that would be to cut the right time.

If you do it yourself, you could advance the Internet by how deep or wide You can cut, or leave it best to make immediately to the vet.


Superstition is certainly not later than when the dog is getting caught with the claws in the Blankie time for cutting: D Generally the rule of thumb that the claws 2-3mm should end above the ground when the dog is standing. Dogs run a lot on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete use their claws from course. Therefore, some dogs do not have to once every 1-2 months to claw cutting and others. Let's just times the TA it movies, especially the dewclaws are fast too long as they have no possibility to be worn. Otherwise this is not superstition, when the claws scratching on the ground etc they should be slightly shortened. But just need only :)

from when you see the claws of the dog are too long and need to be cut?

if you (still) do not have a look for it, you should see the veterinarian leave when and if it is necessary to shorten the claws. If you walk a lot on meadow or forest, the claws wear down hard and need to be cut more often.

Particular attention should be placed on the anal / dewclaws (on the sides of the front-u. Haunches), since these are not abgegnutzt and can grow to the meat, which the dog then presents great pain.

If the claws are in normal state slightly above the ground is all ok. Normal, a dog runs off of its own accord, we just have to cut the Wolfskralle because it is never used except times when digging.

Small dogs under 7-8 kilo bodyweight going necessarily through their body weight from the claws. Likewise, old, or ill in the skeleton of the movement sequence dogs.

Then it is necessary to cut claws in the dog and the time especially!

How to Determine the 'If one paw in the state - considered placed firmly on the ground, the claws should be a little shorter and not touch the ground. The claws are not hersusragen on the soles Bales paw.

The cutting is mot a Krallenzange specially offered for it and you should leave you this show Gamz exactly the veterinarian.

If it funny writhe, the dog runs differently and it multiplies nibbling at the paws.

Superstition? Never seen too long claws? I see in my work daily to dogs with long claws. If the claws are sharp like a cat, then you know well about it. :(

The claws on the image to show a well that the dog certainly not long rounds rotates. Instead, he is being abused as a fashion doll. Corrosive.

every dog ​​of sufficient outlet gets, on roads and had allowed rage and not only in the bag carried around, use the claw principle itself from ... at the annual vaccination you can do that can also view the vet ... Normally all nails in about the same time, should be one much longer than the others, it may possibly be due to a limp or conserve, by a disease on skeletal or after verletztung, then they should be harmonized in order to prevent one-sided load / save .. ,

Dogs sufficiently to be running a lot on their feet healthy, do not need a pedicure ...

Otherwise, if you feel the claws were too long, then you can yes the next routine visit to the vet just to ask me whether the claws must be cut ...

If the claws are very far out from the fur of the paws. Just go to the vet and ask him

for that you need experience / knowledge.

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