Dog Newfoundland where hairdryer to dry?

Hello, I get in 2 weeks a Newfoundland puppy (10 weeks old). Now I want to know which is best suited for hair dryer to dry it later? Has anyone made experience and when should I buy a best? Immediately when I get it, or enough at the beginning a towel? Thanks Lg Maik

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Hairdryer? Why? No dog caught a cold when he gets wet and is either in action, or then can dry in the apartment.

When I was with my German shepherd in late autumn Gassi, we walked for hours through the pouring rain. She was actually even wet to the skin. The command "shake up" on your doorstep, then plenty of towels to dry off and take a nap in a basket were sufficient to dry them completely after 2-3 hours.

Such a weather, I always found great because it is a natural shower for the dog. From the tap treated water and chlorine comes can irritate sensitive skin dogs also.

My girl had thankfully never the mood to wallow in wild shit. But the race over freshly fertilized meadows in the spring brings with it a considerable odor nuisance with it. After that was rather more a swimming lesson announced in the river, then it went again :-) Again natural state of water, which has never harmed your skin.

I would, incidentally, still a rather large stack of towels left. If you need anything, write me like my message to, then I'll get you some. Who knows if and when move back four paws here .......

When a dog is a towel for life rich - let's face it: you you manage a huge dog (at least if it is not received by the blow-drying - joking aside ^^) and dogs are often dirty and wet .... towel snapping, drüber scratch - dog and owner happy;) Strengthens the relationship (which will take in his coat amount later hours to more than when you are standing with nEM breath thing before him)

What hairdryer it is best suited to dry it later?

a full-grown Newfoundlands yourself with a hair dryer maybe in 3 days dry. The have a waterproof coat where it needs already time and effort to get the dog with a shower head to the skin wet. In addition, you do not bathe Newfoundland, something is absolutely not necessary. If you want to do a Newfoundlander something good, then you go with him regularly to a lake where he can swim very informal and voluntary.

My find hair dryer goofy. My dog ​​like a sponge soaks up and hours wet, dry spite. We bought her a bathrobe.

The hair must not be too hot and the dog must be used to it.

First off, you should know that you should bathe dogs only in exceptional cases. For example, if they have wallowed in anything smelly or harmful. Because by bathing you deprive the skin fat, but this is very important because it keeps the cold and wet conditions mainly from the dogs skin. It is usually sufficient abzurubbeln the dog with a towel, he should become wet. The daily brushing is usually sufficient also completely to grooming from. But Should it ever be necessary, then use necessarily a special dog shampoo and take a normal hair dryer, to make sure you to minimum. Another tip: if the dog is in the pan, then lay a dark towel on the floor he pan. Firstly, the dog then slips less and on the other hand, many dogs get scared when they are on the white surface of the well, they do not see the ground almost.

I know the dog shake and then are dry! Baden should not dogs! Whatever shampoo, it harms the skin!

No hair dryer, towel quite enough. And Treibs not with bathing, dogs need the really not, unless they are so eingesaut, or have wallowed in smelly things. The animal is not a puppet.

1. One should not swimming there Irritating skin dogs. 2. dogs clean themselves. 3. Who is he wieklich so dirty and you have to bathe him you should not blow dry it. :)

For a healthy Neufunderländer puppy you need no hair dryer to dry it ...

You will probably not get the idea to bathe the puppy ...

Dogs are only bathed when they have wallowed in carrion or dung or something stinky-yucky ...

How old are you actually? Your parents will have determined thoroughly prepared for the collection of your Newfoundland puppy.

And you can indeed times one or the other reading Newfoundland-specific book; then you are no longer dealing with the puppy when he draws quite as insecure with you.

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