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Hey :) So my friend has a dog and this can retrieve already. Now she wants to bring him to teach newspaper or toys, only they do not know how the command should be ... Must it be a new command such Bring (newspaper) or has something to do with the retrieve. Apport newspaper? :) .... Well thank you ever love greetings Coco

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That's easy. Put the newspaper before the dog tell "newspaper" and show it look at and touch Poke for each holding any eye contact is rewarded. Has understood that it is the newspaper of the dog. Can you retrieve the train. "Bring" the "newspaper"

So you can teach the dog several items to keep them apart. In my can hold 15 items apart and also fetch or clean up (put in a box).

Does your dog understand bring is a new object no problem :-)

Much as in practice.

You can teach him for a new command or link it to the old. If he knows the Apport already, then he try to teach what is the newspaper, because he does not understand you yes.

I would sit down somewhere with him, put the newspaper there and ih m have to teach that you can get the part also. Simply let fetch only once. If ever the word for retrieving and the newspaper called, he linked the command is called ihc should get the part.

The newspaper should not do that: printing ink and chemicals in the paper can make a dog ill. Paper is no longer what it what. superior Dear otherwise. bring towels is handy!

Since I would possibly consult a dog trainer.

If you want the absolutely do (not recommended because the printer's ink the paper passes to the dog and this may have on the institutions a bad effect) then you should have clear Komandos - in no case more words.

fang with the newspaper "Wild und Hund" to; then it is easier for him .....

Depends on what language does your dog. It would also be helpful if he can already read. He has been interested in their own interests for the morning newspapers to pick up from the kiosk. Remember that he takes money.

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